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Название: Fish Gem [NG]

Описание: Used as an ingredient for general manufacture or can be exchanged for a Proof of Catching a Fish by a Fishing Guild Member. Can also be sold at ordinary shops.

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Используется в крафте: Artisan's Goggles, Cat Ear, Daisy Hairpin, Demon Horns, Fairy Antennae, Feathered Hat, Forget-me-not Hairpin, Lady's Hair Pin, Little Angel Wings, Maiden's Hairpin, Monocle, Outlaw's Eyepatch, Party Hat, Party Mask, Pirate's Eye Patch, Rabbit Ears, Raccoon Ears


Достаётся из:

itemSmall Blue Ugly Fish - Upper Grade145
itemLarge Blue Ugly Fish - Upper Grade145
itemLarge Blue Fat Fish - Upper Grade145
itemBlue Fat Fish - Upper Grade142
itemSmall Orange Ugly Fish - Upper Grade241
itemSmall Blue Nimble Fish - Upper Grade141
itemSmall Orange Fat Fish - Upper Grade239
itemJade Ugly Fish - Upper Grade139
itemJade Fat Fish - Upper Grade139
itemBlue Ugly Fish - Upper Grade138
itemSmall Orange Nimble Fish - Upper Grade238
itemLarge Blue Nimble Fish - Upper Grade137
itemLarge Jade Nimble Fish - Upper Grade137
itemSmall Yellow Ugly Fish - Upper Grade136
itemLarge Jade Fat Fish - Upper Grade135
itemSmall Yellow Nimble Fish - Upper Grade135
itemSmall Blue Fat Fish - Upper Grade135
itemBlue Nimble Fish - Upper Grade135
itemLarge Jade Ugly Fish - Upper Grade133
itemJade Nimble Fish133
itemSmall Yellow Fat Fish - Upper Grade133
itemLarge Yellow Fat Fish - Upper Grade231
itemSmall Jade Ugly Fish - Upper Grade131
itemSmall Jade Nimble Fish - Upper Grade131
itemLarge Yellow Ugly Fish - Upper Grade229
itemLarge Pudgy Green Fish - Upper Grade129
itemYellow Ugly Fish - Upper Grade228
itemLarge Nimble Green Fish - Upper Grade126
itemJade Nimble Fish - Upper Grade126
itemSmall Jade Fat Fish - Upper Grade126
itemLarge Ugly Green Fish - Upper Grade126
itemBlue Nimble Fish126
itemSmall Jade Nimble Fish125
itemYellow Fat Fish - Upper Grade225
itemYellow Nimble Fish - Upper Grade225
itemPudgy Green Fish - Upper Grade124
itemUgly Green Fish - Upper Grade124
itemLarge Yellow Nimble Fish - Upper Grade224
itemNimble Green Fish123
itemSmall Blue Nimble Fish223
itemBig Jade Nimble Fish222
itemSmall Nimble Green Fish - Upper Grade121
itemNimble Green Fish - Upper Grade120
itemSmall Pudgy Green Fish - Upper Grade120
itemSmall Ugly Green Fish - Upper Grade120
itemSmall Nimble Green Fish118
itemLarge Nimble Green Fish118
itemSmall Orange Nimble Fish216
itemYellow Nimble Fish - For Beginners114
itemBig Yellow Nimble Fish214
itemYellow Nimble Fish214
itemBig Blue Nimble Fish214
itemSmall Blue Nimble Fish - For Beginners113
itemSmall Yellow Nimble Fish212
itemJade Nimble Fish - For Beginners111
itemSmall Orange Nimble Fish - For Beginners111
itemLarge Blue Nimble Fish - For Beginners111
itemLarge Yellow Nimble Fish - For Beginners110
itemNimble Green Fish - For Beginners19
itemLarge Nimble Green Fish - For Beginners19
itemBlue Nimble Fish - For Beginners18
itemSmall Yellow Nimble Fish - For Beginners18
itemSmall Jade Nimble Fish - For Beginners17
itemSmall Nimble Green Fish - For Beginners17
itemLarge Jade Nimble Fish - For Beginners16

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