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Название: Shiny Fish Scale [NG]

Описание: Used as an ingredient for general manufacture or can be exchanged for a Proof of Catching a Fish by a Fishing Guild Member. Can also be sold at ordinary shops.

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Используется в крафте: Dye Potion - A, Dye Potion - B, Dye Potion - C, Dye Potion - D, Facelifting Potion - A, Facelifting Potion - B, Facelifting Potion - C, Hair Style Change Potion - A, Hair Style Change Potion - B, Hair Style Change Potion - C, Hair Style Change Potion - D, Hair Style Change Potion - E, Hair Style Change Potion - F, Hair Style Change Potion - G


Достаётся из:

itemRed Nimble Fish - Upper Grade841
itemPurple Fat Fish - Upper Grade839
itemOrange Nimble Fish - Upper Grade437
itemOrange Ugly Fish - Upper Grade435
itemLarge Purple Fat Fish - Upper Grade835
itemRed Ugly Fish - Upper Grade835
itemLarge Orange Ugly Fish - Upper Grade435
itemLarge Purple Nimble Fish - Upper Grade934
itemHigh Grade - Large White Nimble Fish933
itemLarge Orange Nimble Fish - Upper Grade433
itemSmall Black Fat Fish - Upper Grade933
itemSmall Red Nimble Fish - Upper Grade933
itemRed Fat Fish - Upper Grade832
itemLarge Purple Ugly Fish - Upper Grade832
itemSmall Black Nimble Fish: Upper Grade931
itemLarge Black Nimble Fish - Upper Grade1831
itemWhite Nimble Fish - Upper Grade930
itemLarge Black Fat Fish - Upper Grade1830
itemSmall Black Ugly Fish - Upper Grade930
itemSmall Red Ugly Fish - Upper Grade929
itemLarge White Ugly Fish - Upper Grade929
itemSmall White Fat Fish - Upper Grade929
itemLarge Red Nimble Fish - Upper Grade929
itemSmall Red Fat Fish - Upper Grade928
itemPurple Nimble Fish - Upper Grade828
itemSmall White Nimble Fish - Upper Grade928
itemOrange Fat Fish - Upper Grade428
itemWhite Fat Fish - Upper Grade927
itemSmall Red Ugly Fish827
itemSmall White Ugly Fish827
itemLarge Orange Fat Fish - Upper Grade427
itemBlack Nimble Fish - Upper Grade1827
itemWhite Ugly Fish - Upper Grade927
itemSmall Purple Ugly Fish - For Beginners227
itemLarge Red Fat Fish - Upper Grade926
itemRed Ugly Fish826
itemPurple Ugly Fish826
itemLarge White Fat Fish - Upper Grade925
itemLarge Red Ugly Fish - Upper Grade925
itemPurple Ugly Fish - Upper Grade825
itemRed Ugly Fish - For Beginners425
itemSmall White Ugly Fish - Upper Grade924
itemBig Purple Ugly Fish824
itemBlack Ugly Fish1623
itemLarge White Ugly Fish - For Beginners823
itemBig Red Ugly Fish823
itemSmall Purple Ugly Fish822
itemSmall Purple Nimble Fish - Upper Grade821
itemBig Orange Ugly Fish821
itemSmall Purple Ugly Fish - Upper Grade820
itemSmall Purple Fat Fish - Upper Grade820
itemLarge Orange Ugly Fish - For Beginners120
itemBlack Fat Fish - Upper Grade1819
itemBig Black Ugly Fish1619
itemOrange Ugly Fish818
itemBig Orange Nimble Fish217
itemOrange Ugly Fish - For Beginners117
itemSmall Red Ugly Fish - For Beginners416
itemPurple Ugly Fish - For Beginners416
itemSmall Black Ugly Fish1616
itemSmall White Ugly Fish - For Beginners815
itemBig White Ugly Fish1615
itemBlack Ugly Fish - Upper Grade1815
itemSmall Black Ugly Fish - For Beginners815
itemBlack Ugly Fish - For Beginners815
itemLarge Black Ugly Fish - For Beginners815
itemWhite Ugly Fish1614
itemLarge Black Ugly Fish - Upper Grade1814
itemLarge Purple Ugly Fish - For Beginners412
itemWhite Ugly Fish - For Beginners810
itemLarge Red Ugly Fish - For Beginners81

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