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Название: Fish Scale [NG]

Описание: Used as an ingredient for general manufacture or can be exchanged for a Proof of Catching a Fish by a Fishing Guild Member. Can also be sold at ordinary shops.

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Используется в крафте: Dye Potion - A, Dye Potion - B, Dye Potion - C, Dye Potion - D, Facelifting Potion - A, Facelifting Potion - B, Facelifting Potion - C, Greater Haste Potion, Greater Healing Potion, Greater Magic Haste Potion, Greater Swift Attack Potion, Hair Style Change Potion - A, Hair Style Change Potion - B, Hair Style Change Potion - C, Hair Style Change Potion - D, Hair Style Change Potion - E, Hair Style Change Potion - F, Hair Style Change Potion - G, Haste Potion, Healing Potion, Magic Haste Potion, Mystery Potion, Potion of Alacrity


Достаётся из:

itemSmall Jade Ugly Fish247
itemPudgy Green Fish - Upper Grade245
itemSmall Jade Nimble Fish - Upper Grade244
itemUgly Green Fish - Upper Grade243
itemLarge Ugly Green Fish - Upper Grade241
itemJade Nimble Fish - Upper Grade241
itemLarge Nimble Green Fish - Upper Grade240
itemSmall Blue Fat Fish - Upper Grade440
itemSmall Yellow Nimble Fish - Upper Grade439
itemSmall Jade Fat Fish - Upper Grade239
itemBig Jade Ugly Fish438
itemSmall Blue Ugly Fish438
itemLarge Ugly Green Fish238
itemSmall Jade Ugly Fish - Upper Grade238
itemSmall Yellow Fat Fish - Upper Grade437
itemJade Ugly Fish436
itemSmall Yellow Ugly Fish - Upper Grade435
itemBlue Ugly Fish - Upper Grade435
itemBlue Fat Fish - Upper Grade434
itemLarge Blue Fat Fish - Upper Grade433
itemLarge Yellow Nimble Fish - Upper Grade832
itemSmall Blue Nimble Fish - Upper Grade432
itemBlue Nimble Fish - Upper Grade431
itemYellow Fat Fish - Upper Grade831
itemUgly Green Fish231
itemSmall Ugly Green Fish - Upper Grade231
itemSmall Nimble Green Fish - Upper Grade230
itemSmall Pudgy Green Fish - Upper Grade230
itemNimble Green Fish - Upper Grade230
itemSmall Orange Nimble Fish - Upper Grade830
itemYellow Ugly Fish - Upper Grade829
itemLarge Blue Nimble Fish - Upper Grade429
itemLarge Jade Ugly Fish - Upper Grade429
itemSmall Orange Ugly Fish - Upper Grade829
itemSmall Orange Fat Fish - Upper Grade828
itemJade Ugly Fish - Upper Grade427
itemLarge Yellow Ugly Fish - Upper Grade826
itemUgly Green Fish - For Beginners126
itemLarge Pudgy Green Fish - Upper Grade425
itemYellow Nimble Fish - Upper Grade825
itemJade Fat Fish - Upper Grade425
itemLarge Yellow Fat Fish - Upper Grade825
itemLarge Blue Ugly Fish - Upper Grade424
itemLarge Jade Nimble Fish - Upper Grade424
itemSmall Ugly Green Fish222
itemSmall Blue Ugly Fish - Upper Grade422
itemLarge Jade Fat Fish - Upper Grade420
itemJade Ugly Fish - For Beginners220
itemSmall Blue Ugly Fish - For Beginners220
itemSmall Orange Ugly Fish - For Beginners219
itemYellow Ugly Fish - For Beginners219
itemBig Yellow Ugly Fish419
itemYellow Ugly Fish418
itemLarge Ugly Green Fish - For Beginners218
itemLarge Jade Ugly Fish - For Beginners218
itemBig Blue Ugly Fish417
itemBlue Ugly Fish417
itemSmall Ugly Green Fish - For Beginners117
itemSmall Jade Ugly Fish - For Beginners217
itemSmall Yellow Ugly Fish416
itemLarge Yellow Ugly Fish - For Beginners216
itemSmall Yellow Ugly Fish - For Beginners212
itemSmall Orange Ugly Fish811
itemBlue Ugly Fish - For Beginners210
itemLarge Blue Ugly Fish - For Beginners29

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