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Название: Maiden's Hairpin Piece [NG]

Описание: Main ingredient essentially required to make a Maiden's Hairpin. Can also be sold at ordinary shops.

Используется в крафте: Maiden's Hairpin


Достаётся из:

itemBig Black Ugly Fish216
itemSmall Black Ugly Fish116
itemBig White Ugly Fish115
itemLarge White Ugly Fish - For Beginners114
itemBlack Ugly Fish212
itemWhite Ugly Fish112
itemSmall White Ugly Fish111
itemBig Red Ugly Fish110
itemPurple Ugly Fish19
itemRed Ugly Fish18
itemBig Purple Ugly Fish18
itemSmall Purple Ugly Fish18
itemBig Orange Ugly Fish17
itemSmall White Ugly Fish - For Beginners17
itemOrange Ugly Fish17
itemSmall Red Ugly Fish17
itemPurple Ugly Fish - For Beginners15
itemSmall Red Ugly Fish - For Beginners15
itemRed Ugly Fish - For Beginners14
itemLarge Orange Ugly Fish - For Beginners13
itemWhite Ugly Fish - For Beginners13
itemSmall Purple Ugly Fish - For Beginners12
itemOrange Ugly Fish - For Beginners11
itemLarge Red Ugly Fish - For Beginners11

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