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Название: Recipe: Premium Fish Oil(100%) [NG]

Описание: This recipe for high-grade Fish Oil can be used by all races. Requires Create Common Item Skill Level 3.

Продаётся у:

[Clan Hall Manager] Adrienne (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Aida (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Albert (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Bianca (250a)
[Steward] Biggerstaff (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Billy (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Branhillde (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Carey (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Carol (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Crissy (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Dianne (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] DiMaggio (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Emma (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Gladys (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Helga (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Jack (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Jimmy (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Karuto (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Korgen (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Michael (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Millicent (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Patty (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Regina (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Ronald (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Serena (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Stanley (250a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Wayne (250a)

Достаётся из:

itemBig Yellow Ugly Fish421
itemYellow Ugly Fish - For Beginners220
itemYellow Ugly Fish419
itemBlue Ugly Fish417
itemBig Blue Ugly Fish417
itemSmall Yellow Ugly Fish417
itemLarge Yellow Ugly Fish - For Beginners214
itemSmall Orange Ugly Fish811
itemSmall Yellow Ugly Fish - For Beginners28
itemSmall Orange Ugly Fish - For Beginners48

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