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Название: Recipe: Greater Fish Oil (100%) [NG]

Описание: This recipe for mid-grade Fish Oil can be used by all races. Requires Create Common Item Skill Level 2.

Продаётся у:

[Clan Hall Manager] Black (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Boyer (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Bremmer (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Dillon (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Flynn (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Horner (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Kalis (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Ron (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Ruben (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Seth (50a)
[Ol Mahum Steward] Tamutak (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Tim (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Winker (50a)

Достаётся из:

itemSmall Jade Nimble Fish835
itemSmall Jade Nimble Fish - For Beginners428
itemSmall Blue Nimble Fish1627
itemBig Jade Nimble Fish1626
itemLarge Nimble Green Fish826
itemJade Nimble Fish1623
itemBig Blue Nimble Fish1620
itemSmall Orange Nimble Fish1620
itemBig Yellow Nimble Fish1619
itemBlue Nimble Fish1618
itemYellow Nimble Fish1618
itemLarge Yellow Nimble Fish - For Beginners818
itemSmall Orange Nimble Fish - For Beginners817
itemBlue Ugly Fish - For Beginners117
itemLarge Nimble Green Fish - For Beginners417
itemSmall Yellow Nimble Fish1616
itemJade Nimble Fish - For Beginners815
itemLarge Blue Nimble Fish - For Beginners814
itemYellow Nimble Fish - For Beginners814
itemLarge Jade Nimble Fish - For Beginners813
itemSmall Blue Nimble Fish - For Beginners813
itemBlue Nimble Fish - For Beginners811
itemLarge Blue Ugly Fish - For Beginners211
itemSmall Yellow Nimble Fish - For Beginners811

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