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Название: Greater Fish Oil [NG]

Описание: Used as an ingredient for general manufacture or can be exchanged for a Proof of Catching a Fish by a Fishing Guild Member. Can also be sold at ordinary shops.

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Используется в крафте: Dye of CON [Con+1 Dex-1], Dye of CON [Con+1 Str-1], Dye of DEX [Dex+1 Con-1], Dye of DEX [Dex+1 Str-1], Dye of INT [Int+1 Men-1], Dye of INT [Int+1 Wit-1], Dye of MEN [Men+1 Int-1], Dye of MEN [Men+1 Wit-1], Dye of STR [Str+1 Con-1], Dye of STR [Str+1 Dex-1], Dye of WIT [Wit+1 Int-1], Dye of WIT [Wit+1 Men-1], Dye Potion - A, Dye Potion - B, Dye Potion - C, Dye Potion - D, Facelifting Potion - A, Facelifting Potion - B, Facelifting Potion - C, Greater Haste Potion, Greater Magic Haste Potion, Greater Swift Attack Potion, Hair Style Change Potion - A, Hair Style Change Potion - B, Hair Style Change Potion - C, Hair Style Change Potion - D, Hair Style Change Potion - E, Hair Style Change Potion - F, Hair Style Change Potion - G, Mystery Potion, Premium Fish Oil


Достаётся из:

itemBig Blue Treasure Chest824
itemYellow Treasure Chest823
itemBlue Treasure Chest823
itemBig Blue Ugly Fish222
itemSmall Yellow Treasure Chest822
itemBlue Ugly Fish221
itemSmall Orange Nimble Fish - For Beginners221
itemYellow Fat Fish - For Beginners221
itemBig Blue Fat Fish420
itemBig Yellow Nimble Fish420
itemLarge Yellow Fat Fish - For Beginners220
itemSmall Yellow Ugly Fish220
itemSmall Orange Nimble Fish420
itemSmall Orange Fat Fish420
itemSmall Yellow Fat Fish419
itemSmall Yellow Fat Fish - For Beginners219
itemBlue Fat Fish419
itemLarge Yellow Nimble Fish - For Beginners219
itemBig Yellow Fat Fish419
itemYellow Fat Fish419
itemSmall Orange Fat Fish - For Beginners219
itemYellow Nimble Fish - For Beginners218
itemYellow Nimble Fish418
itemSmall Yellow Nimble Fish - For Beginners218
itemBlue Fat Fish - For Beginners218
itemSmall Yellow Nimble Fish418
itemBig Blue Nimble Fish418
itemBlue Nimble Fish - For Beginners217
itemBlue Nimble Fish417
itemBlue Ugly Fish - For Beginners217
itemSmall Yellow Ugly Fish - For Beginners216
itemLarge Blue Ugly Fish - For Beginners215
itemLarge Blue Nimble Fish - For Beginners215
itemSmall Orange Ugly Fish - For Beginners215
itemLarge Yellow Ugly Fish - For Beginners214
itemLarge Blue Fat Fish - For Beginners213
itemSmall Orange Ugly Fish413
itemSmall Orange Treasure Chest1412
itemBig Yellow Treasure Chest1412
itemBig Yellow Ugly Fish412
itemYellow Ugly Fish412
itemYellow Ugly Fish - For Beginners168

Рецепт. Уровень: 2, MP: 75, Шанс: 100, Кол-во: 1

item Fish Oil (для одного: 4, всего: 4)

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