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 НазваниеГрейд (кри)П.Атк.М.аткДропСпойлКрафтПокупкаИз др.вещейОбмен
item Chrono Campana
Chronicle III Souvenir!!!
NG (0)11-----Да
item Chrono Cithara
Chronicle I Souvenir!!!
NG (0)11-----Да
item Chrono Darbuka
Chronicle IV Souvenir!!!
NG (0)11-----Да
item Chrono Maracas
Chronicle V Souvenir!
NG (0)11-----Да
item Chrono Unitus
Chronicle II Souvenir!!!
NG (0)11-----Да
item Bouquet
NG (0)86------
item Blood Sword Akamanah
A demonic twin blade forged in blood by Gran Kain, the god of chaos. The blade anguishes at the touch of air, and it craves blood to renew its energies. It becomes stronger every time it is supplied with blood.
NG (0)361137------
item Demonic Sword Zariche
A deadly and powerful magical sword that was once wielded by the devil Bremnon himself. It is always thirsty for blood.
NG (0)361137------
item Elrokian Trap
Trap weapon used on the Primeval Isle.
A (0)00------

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