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Уровень кланаНазвание, описаниеЛокацияНПЦОграничения
3Proof of Clan Alliance one time solo
The winds of destiny have brought you to this place! The chaotic chronicle must cease! When we accomplish this, our clan will be stronger than ever! Arise!
Giran Castle TownSir Kristof RodemaiClan Leader, Clan Level 3
4Pursuit of Clan Ambition! repeatable party
Sir Gustav Athebaldt has grave concerns about the future of the kingdom. He wants nothing more than to help the young and courageous leaders to bring peace to the land! If you join forces with him in the Town of Oren, hell give you a proof of expectation, increasing the power of the clan!
Oren Castle TownSir Gustav AthebaldtClan Leader, Clan Level 4
6The Clans Prestige repeatable solo
Grand Magister Baldis in the Rune Township is looking for a powerful clan that can enhance the clans prestige.
Rune Castle Town[Grand Magister] ValdisClan Leader, Clan Level 6 and above

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