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УровеньНазвание, описаниеЛокацияНПЦОграничения
19Path to a Warrior one time solo
All warriors must be courageous and tenacious. Do you possess these qualities?
Gludin Village[Master] AuronHuman Fighter
19Path to a Human Knight one time solo
To become a Knight you must endure the legendary quest known as Path to a Human Knight.
Gludin VillageSir Klaus VasperHuman Fighter
19Path to a Rogue one time solo
Speak first with Guard Bezique if you wish to follow the Path to a Rogue.
Gludin Village[Captain] BeziqueHuman Fighter
19Path to a Human Wizard one time solo
Wizards must have a deep understanding of the power and meanings of each of the four elements. A token of fire is essential if you are to follow the Path to a Wizard!
Gludin VillageParinaHuman Mystic
19Path to a Cleric one time solo
Potential Clerics should confiscate subversive books and take them to Priest Zigaunt... Hell be very impressed!
Gludin Village[Priest] ZigauntHuman Mystic
19Path to an Elven Knight one time solo
For millenia Elven warriors have traveled either the path of the sword or the path of the arrow. Both paths inevitably lead through Eva and Einhasad...
Gludio Castle Town[Master] SoriusElven Fighter
19Path to an Elven Scout one time solo
Elven Scouts are the most dextrous and elegant of all Elves! To become Scouts they must first prove their worth in battle...
Gludio Castle Town[Master] ReisaElven Fighter
19Path to an Elven Wizard one time solo
Elven Wizards have a way with spirits... But first, they must perform a ritual for Eva...
Elven VillageRosellaElven Mystic
19Path to an Elven Oracle one time solo
The revelation of flame has been passed down among Elven priests for centuries. Rumors persist that a girl of revelation has appeared recently...
Gludio Castle Town[Priest] ManuelElven Mystic
19Path to a Palus Knight one time solo
Dark Elven Knights must pass two trials to become an elite Palus Knight. Are you worthy to join them?
Gludio Castle Town[Master] VirgilDark Fighter
19Path to an Assassin one time solo
A Warrior of Darkness is a ruthless, silent assassin. Find Arkenia at the altar of coming-of-age ceremony and prove yourself to her.
Gludio Castle TownTriskelDark Fighter
19Path to a Dark Wizard one time solo
Shilen is the mother of the dark arts. To become a Dark Wizard, one must prove capable of controlling the spirits with her power.
Altar of Rites[Witch] VarikaDark Mystic
19Path to a Shillien Oracle one time solo
Shillien Oracles seek truth and enlightenment in the darkness that surrounds us. Not all are worthy of such a noble profession.
Gludio Castle Town[Magister] SidraDark Mystic
19Path to an Orc Raider one time solo
Orc Raiders inspire fear in their enemies with their death-defying courage and royal bearing.
Orc Village[Prefect] KarukiaOrc Fighter
19Path to a Monk one time solo
Orc Monks are masters of the traditional Orc martial art, kabart. The path of Monk requires that they receive scrolls from two masters.
Orc VillageGantaki Zu UrutuOrc Fighter
19Path to an Orc Shaman one time solo
Orc Shamans must master the language of fire in order to communicate with souls on the battlefield.
Orc VillageTataru Zu HestuiOrc Mystic
19Path to become a Scavenger one time solo
Master Toma, teacher of the way of scavenger, is missing! You must find him!
Dwarf Village[Collector] PippiDwarven Fighter
19Path to an Artisan one time solo
Dwarven Artisans are consummate craftsmen. They must pass tests from three blacksmiths.
Dwarf Village[Blacksmith] SilveraDwarven Fighter
35Trial of the Challenger one time solo
Many Warriors seek the challengers mark as proof of their valor. A conspiracy of darkness surrounds the mark.
Dion Castle TownKashWarrior, Elven Knight, Palus Knight, Orc Monk, Orc Raider
35Trial of Duty one time solo
Why do Knights fight? For personal gain or public acclaim? This question must be answered by all who are called to knighthood!
Giran Castle Town[Grand Master] HannavaltHuman Knight, Elven Knight, Palus Knight
35Trial of the Seeker one time solo
The peace of the kingdom is threatened by mutant evil spirits. The Seeker Guild wants to conduct secret reconnaissance to find out what theyre up to. Its a tough, dangerous job. Are you certain that youre prepared to follow the Path of the Seeker?
Giran Castle Town[Master] DufnerRogue, Elven Scout, Assassin
35Trial of the Scholar one time solo
Every Magus must pass the Trial of the Scholar. Passion and humility are essential to success.
Dion Castle Town[Magister] MirienHuman Wizard, Elven Wizard, Dark Wizard
35Trial of the Pilgrim one time solo
To understand the power of a deity, you must first understand its nature. Open your mind to new patterns of thought. True enlightenment comes to all who seek it.
Orc Barracks[Hermit] SantiagoCleric, Elven Oracle, Shillien Oracle, Orc Shaman
35Trial of the Guildsman one time solo
In order to become a full-fledged member of Dwarven society, a Dwarven apprentice must first prove himself worthy by creating 7 journeyman rings.
Giran Castle Town[Warehouse Keeper] ValkonScavenger, Artisan
37Testimony of Trust one time solo
Humans have proudly dominated this continent for millennia. But, as has been said, pride goes before the fall.. If they are to survive, they must restore the trust of the other races.
Oren Castle Town[High Priest] HollintWarrior, Human Knight, Rogue, Human Wizard, Cleric
37Testimony of Life one time solo
The Mother Tree, the mother and final resting place of all Elves, is dying! To avoid another costly sacrifice, she must have tears from the purest creature, the water of life!
Dion Castle Town[Master] CardienElven Knight, Elven Scout, Elven Wizard, Elven Oracle
37Testimony of Fate one time solo
Dark Elves believe they are descendents of their abyssal mother, Shilen. They seek her dark truths regarding the chaotic times to come.
Giran Castle Town[Magister] KairaPalus Knight, Assassin, Dark Wizard, Shillien Oracle
37Testimony of Glory one time solo
An eternal winter is coming! To survive the imminent chaos you must be able to unite the power of all the Orc tribes. Are you ready for such a task?
Giran Castle Town[Prefect] VokianOrc Raider, Orc Monk, Orc Shaman
37Testimony of Prosperity one time solo
Dwarves understand the virtue of abundance above all others. True Dwarves study the teachings of Maphr in order to better grasp the concept of plenty!
Giran Castle Town[Warehouse Keeper] ParmanScavenger, Artisan
39Test of the Duelist one time solo
Only the best Fighters in the kingdom earn the title of Duelist. They must conquer the most powerful evil spirit in each territory!
Oren Castle Town[Duelist] KaienWarrior, Elven Knight, Palus Knight, Orc Monk
39Test of the Champion one time solo
These chaotic times are the best times for Warriors. Everything from mud and gore to love and romance is but for the taking!
Giran Castle Town[Veteran] AscalonWarrior, Orc Raider
39Test of Sagittarius one time solo
Hamil is an amazing archer! He was named Sagittarius at the age of 20! Defeat him and youll gain his title, the best archer in the whole kingdom!
Hunters Village[Guild President] BernardRogue, Elven Scout, Assassin
39Test of the Searcher one time solo
Searchers find things which are hidden. To obtain the mark of the searcher, speak with Alex in Floran Village. He was once known as the best scout in the kingdom!
Hunters Village[Master] LutherRogue, Elven Scout, Assassin, Scavenger
39Test of the Healer one time solo
The mark of the healer is only bestowed upon those who recognize the power of purifying light. Prophecies speak of a female who will save the world from darkness and chaos! The conspiracy begins with her..
Giran Castle Town[Priest] BandellosHuman Knight, Elven Knight, Cleric, Oracle
39Test of the Reformer one time solo
Seekers of the true faith, whoever wishes to become a bridge between this world and the next as a Priest, should speak to an exiled preacher named Sla, a true man of faith.
Giran Castle Town[Priestess] PupinaCleric, Shillien Oracle
39Test of Magus one time solo
Bard Rukal is searching for a mysterious song that he believes is the origin of elemental magic. He believes that this song will allow him to practice the ultimate magic!
Dion Castle Town[Bard] RukalHuman Wizard, Elven Wizard, Dark Wizard
39Test of Witchcraft one time solo
The box contains the soul of the Dark Mage Aklantoth, from the time of the Elmoreden Empire! Before you can open it, you must answer his riddle.. What is the secret hidden in the riddle?
Deathpass[Shadow] OrimHuman Knight, Wizard, Palus Knight
39Test of the Summoner one time solo
Summoning magic requires the user to make contact with a high-level and intelligent spirit it. Once contact is made, the user must then control the spirit. The Testimonies of Summoning is a competition between users of such magic.
Gludin Village[High Summoner] GalateaHuman Wizard, Elven Wizard, Dark Wizard
39Test of the Maestro one time solo
In order to become a maestro, you must pass the Test of Maestro. Lockrin of the Iron Gate who administers the test says that you must obtain and bring back recommendations from three other elders. Will you indeed be able to obtain recommendations from the three Dwarven elders who are known to have very high standards?
Dwarf Village[Iron Gate's] LockirinArtisan
39Test of the Lord one time solo
Overlords are born, not made. to become an Overlord who also holds the position of Chief, the candidate must pass the Test of the Lord. The test to determine if you are worthy to become an Overlord has begun!
Orc Village[Flame Lord] KakaiOrc Shaman
39Test of the War Spirit one time solo
One of the highest posts a Shaman can hope to achieve is Warcryer. The Warcryer calls on the spirits of his ancestors who died in battle. To become a Warcryer you must retrieve the ashes of a great ancestor!
Dion Castle Town[Seer] SomakOrc Shaman
76Saga of the Phoenix Knight one time solo
Youve lost as many people as youve tried to save. Learn your limits and then go beyond them!
Town of Aden[Grand Master] SedrickPaladin
76Saga of Evas Templar one time solo
Oh, Mother Tree Guardian! Why are you restrained? Break free of your bonds and become a true Knight of the goddess!
Town of Aden[Master] SindenTemple Knight
76Saga of the Sword Muse one time solo
Oh, singer of the sword... Who taught you and who are you singing for?
Town of Aden[Master] RaienSwordsinger
76Saga of the Duelist one time solo
Only the best Gladiators may be called Duelists. What secret things must they sacrifice for victory? What unknown knowledge do they possess?
Town of Aden[Grand Master] SedrickGladiator
76Saga of the Dreadnoughts one time solo
Warlords are the storm of the battlefield. A girl has arisen in the land of Elmore who is known as the greatest Warlord who has ever lived! Its said that shes protected by a dragon! Why has she come back?
Town of Aden[Master] AikenWarlord
76Saga of the Titan one time solo
In ancient times, Orcish warriors were as powerful as giants! One Orc Warrior is bringing that power to life once again.
Rune Castle Town[Prefect] TazkiDestroyer
76Saga of the Grand Khavatari one time solo
Khavatari Hierarch, Hubay, has been murdered! Prime suspects are his followers, Kashu and Uruz! The journey of Khavatari to catch the criminal begins now!
Rune Castle Town[Amulet Seller] HakranTyrant
76Saga of the Dominator one time solo
If an Overlord is a King, then what is a King but one who seizes the authority to rule?
Rune Castle Town[Grand Seer] RahoraktiOverlord
76Saga of the Doomcryer one time solo
The warnings of the ancestors echo down through the centuries. You must gather many more noble souls if youre to survive!
Rune Castle Town[Grand Seer] RahoraktiWarcryer
76Saga of the Adventurer one time solo
Third Occupation Change - Quest for a Treasure Hunter become an Adventurer
Hunters Village[Hunter Guild Member] Black CatNo Requirements
76Saga of the Wind Rider  one time solo
The Third Class Transfer Quest for a Plains Walker to become a Wind Rider.
Hunters Village[Hunter Guild Member] Black CatPlains Walker
76Saga of the Ghost Hunter one time solo
The Third Class Transfer Quest for an Abyssal Walker to become a Ghost Hunter.
Hunters Village[Hunter Guild Member] Black CatAbyssal Walker
76Saga of the Sagittarius one time solo
Third Occupation Change - Quest for a Hawkeye become a Sagittarius
Hunters Village[Guild President] BernardHawkeye
76Saga of the Moonlight Sentinel one time solo
Third Occupation Change - Quest for a Silver Ranger become a Moonlight Sentinel
Hunters Village[Guild President] BernardSilver Ranger
76Saga of the Ghost Sentinel one time solo
Third Occupation Change - Quest for a Phantom Ranger become a Ghost Sentinel
Hunters Village[Guild President] BernardPhantom Ranger
76Saga of the Cardinal one time solo
Hollint asks you to verify whether or not the one claiming to be the Saint of Light in the Town of Goddard is authentic.
Oren Castle Town[High Priest] HollintBishop
76Saga of the Hierophant one time solo
Hollint asks you to verify whether or not the one claiming to be the Saint of Light in the Town of Goddard is authentic.
Oren Castle Town[High Priest] HollintProphet
76Saga of Evas Saint one time solo
Hollint asks you to verify whether or not the one claiming to be the Saint of Light in the Town of Goddard is authentic.
Oren Castle Town[High Priest] HollintElven Elder
76Saga of the Archmage one time solo
A Sorcerer must obtain the power sealed in the Tablets of Vision to become an Archmage.
Ivory Tower[Grand Magister] ValleriaSorcerer
76Saga of the Mystic Muse one time solo
A Spellsinger must obtain the power sealed in the Tablets of Vision to become a Mystic Muse.
Ivory Tower[Grand Magister] ArkeniasSpellsinger
76Saga of the Storm Screamer one time solo
A Spellhowler must obtain the power sealed in the Tablets of Vision to become a Storm Screamer.
Ivory Tower[Grand Magister] FairenSpellhowler
76Saga of the Arcana Lord one time solo
To refine his summoning technique to its highest level, that of Arcana Lord, a Warlock must absorb the knowledge from the six Tablets of Vision!
Ivory Tower[Head Summoner] KinsleyWarlock
76Saga of the Elemental Master  one time solo
In order to become an Elemental Master, an Elemental Summoner must receive the visions of six stone tablets.
Ivory Tower[Grand Magister] ArkeniasElemental Summoner
76Saga of the Spectral Master one time solo
To become a Spectral Master, a Phantom Summoner must receive the visions of six stone tablets.
Ivory Tower[Grand Magister] FairenPhantom Summoner
76Saga of the Soultaker one time solo
Hardin asks you to investigate Necromancer Hindemith, who has been spotted lurking around the Tablets of Vision.
Hardins AcademyHardinNecromancer
76Saga of the Hell Knight one time solo
Mordred, The Dark Knight asks you to investigate Dark Avenger Waldstein, whos been spotted lurking around the Tablets of Vision.
Hardins Academy[Dark Knight] MordredDark Avenger
76Saga of the Spectral Dancer one time solo
Mordred, The Dark Knight picks only the finest soldiers to search for the ancient secrets. To make matters worse, the Lord of Purgatory, Death Lord Hallate, also has his eye on the ancient knowledge.
Hardins Academy[Dark Knight] MordredBladedancer
76Saga of the Shillien Templar one time solo
Galadrid asks you to join his project as a way to advance yourself within the guild. He thinks Shiken has it in for him.
Hardins Academy[Master] GaladridShillien Knight
76Saga of the Shillien Saint one time solo
Anastia tells you to go see the Saint of Light who came to Goddard and listen to her advice on your future.
Hardins Academy[Magister] AnastiaShillien Elder
76Saga of the Fortune Seeker one time solo
The legendary grail of splendor symbolizes the knowledge of the gods. Its part of the absolute geometry that Dwarven Centurions have long sought. This knowledge allows one to become a Fortune Seeker, controlling wealth and destiny!
Rune Castle Town[Chief Inspector] MondBounty Hunter
76Saga of the Maestro one time solo
These ancient stone tablets are engraved with the very language of the gods! The knowledge contained on these Tablets of Vision could make a mortal into a Maestro with the power to make metals pour like honey!
Rune Castle Town[Chief Golem Crafter] TelsonWarsmith

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