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УровеньНазвание, описаниеЛокацияНПЦОграничения
1Kamael: A Window to the Future one time solo
Priest Dominic of the Rune Township is looking for an adventurer who will be able to successfully execute a special and secretive task. This task is in regards to the appearance of the new race called the Kamael
Rune Castle Town[Priest] DominicNo requirements
1Repent Your Sins repeatable solo
The Black Judge gives sinners a chance for redemption. Will you follow the path of penitence, sinner? Be warned, it is sure to be filled with trials and tribulations!
Black JudgeBlack JudgeMust have 1+ PK count
1Quest for Fishing Shot one time solo
Members of the Fishermens Guild in each village are known for making fishing shots from a sweet fluid that the water spirits like.
Each town/harbor No Requirements
2Letters of Love one time solo
Darin, a young man on Talking Island, carries a torch for Gatekeeper Roxxy, who doesnt return his affections. Darin is not so easily dissuaded, however.
Talking Island VillageDarinNo Requirements
2What Women Want one time solo
Arujian, a young man in the Elven Village, adores Magister Greenis with all his heart, but no one knows if Greenis returns his affections.
Elven VillageArujienElf, Human
2Long live the Paagrio Lord! one time solo
Paagrio Lord Kakai, the leader of all the Orcs, is sick! The elders have decided that each tribe will need to deliver a present to him to ensure he has a speedy recovery.
Orc Village[Centurion] NakusinOrc
2Miners Favor one time solo
The guildsmen of the Gray Pillar Guild are hard at work in the Strip Mine. Miner Bolter is concerned that no one is available to gather the supplies the village needs.
Dwarf Village[Miner] BolterNo Requirements
2Deliver Goods one time solo
Cargo that was presumed lost in a recent shipwreck has been recovered. Help Guard Arnold deliver the cargo to its recipients.
Talking Island Village[Guard] ArnoldNo Requirements
2Sacrifice to the Sea one time solo
Lighthouse Keeper Rockswell plans a ritual sacrifice to calm the storms that have been battering the island. This time he intends to use a doll instead of a live virgin.
Talking Island Village[Lighthouse Keeper] RockswellNo Requirements
2Mass of Darkness one time solo
The Mass of Darkness is performed in honor of Shilen, the mother of all Dark Elves. Lets all work together to make this the best festival ever!
Dark Elven Village[Abyssal Celebrant] UndriasDark Elf
3Step into the Future one time solo
Gatekeeper Roxxy speaks of the wonders of the world beyond Talking Island. She fills your heart with hope for adventure!
Talking Island Village[Gatekeeper] RoxxyHuman
3A Trip Begins one time solo
One road is open to all who wish to see the world!
Elven Village[Gatekeeper] MirabelElf
3An Adventure Begins one time solo
One road is open to all who wish to see the world!
Dark Elven Village[Gatekeeper] JasmineDark Elf
3Into the City of Humans one time solo
Centurion Petukai seeks the true meaning of power. The place to go to learn about the history of your defeats is...
Orc Village[Centurion] PetukaiOrc
3Into the World one time solo
One road is open to all who wish to see the world!
Dwarf Village[Silver Scale's] BalankiDwarf
3To Talking Island one time solo
Leave the hustle and bustle of Giran far behind and return to peaceful Talking Island!
Giran Castle Town[Trader] GalladucciTravelers Mark, Completion of the First Step towards the Future Quest
3Once More In the Arms of the Mother Tree one time solo
Leave the hustle and bustle of crowded Giran behind and return to your beloved Mother Tree!
Giran Castle Town[Trader] GalladucciTravelers Mark, Completion of the Beginning of Trip quest
3Into the Dark Forest one time solo
Leave the hustle and bustle of crowded Giran behind and return to your friends and family in the forest!
Giran Castle Town[Trader] GalladucciTravelers Mark, Completion of the Beginning of Adventure Quest
3To the Immortal Plateau one time solo
Leave the hustle and bustle of crowded Giran behind and return to your friends and family on the Immortal Plateau!
Giran Castle Town[Trader] GalladucciTravelers Mark, Completion of the Towards the City of Humans Quest
3The Road Home one time solo
Leave the hustle and bustle of Giran far behind! Return to the village you miss so much!
Giran Castle Town[Trader] GalladucciTravelers Mark, Completion of the Into the World Quest
3Find Sir Windawood one time solo
An important letter has arrived for Sir Colin Windawood, the Consul of Talking Island. Sir Windawood, more likely to be found out on a stroll than in his office, hasnt seen it. Find Sir Windawood and deliver the letter to him.
Talking Island Village[Guard] AbellosNo Requirements
3Nerupas Request one time solo
Nerupa, the caretaker of the Mother Tree, is seeking a volunteer to visit the village on her behalf. The Hierarch will not permit her to go there.
Elven VillageNerupaElf
3Fruit of the Mothertree one time solo
Elves owe their long lifespans to their consumption of the fruit of the Mother Tree. The caretakers of the tree are quite concerned about the recent decline in production of fruit.
Elven VillageAndelliaElf
3Shilens Hunt one time solo
The Mass of Darkness in honor of Shilen is about to begin. Prepare for the Hunt of Glory! Take your bows and arrows and find offerings for the Mother of Abyss!
Dark Elven Village[Sentry] NelsyaDark Elf
3Deliver Supplies one time solo
Tetrarch Kaitar is known to see the future. He has forseen that the village will soon come under attack.
Dark Elven Village[Sentry] JennaDark Elf
3Bring Wolf Pelts repeatable solo
Sir Windawood has ordered the newly-appointed Archon to form a militia to improve security on the island. He has placed a large order for leather armor from Trader Lector. Gather wolf pelts to help secure peace on Talking Island!
Talking Island Village[Trader] LectorNo Requirements
3Keen Claws repeatable solo
Trader Payne has developed a unique arrow that uses a wolf claw as its arrowhead! It is most effective in siege situations. Payne is paying rewards to whoever brings him wolf claws to fill the huge order of Kiel Nighthawk.
Dark Elven Village[Trader] PayneNo Requirements
3Pleas of Pixies repeatable solo
Many keltir and wolves have grown unusually large in the Elven Forest, and are now breaking the rules of nature by devouring nesting birds! The Pixy Queen is preparing some special magic to deal with them...
Elven VillagePixy MurikaElf
4Wrath of Verdure repeatable solo
Treant Bremec, a spirit of the forest, is being tormented by wicked little goblins who recently invaded and began logging his forest. He asks for help in restoring peace to his beloved woods.
Elven VillageTreant BremecElf
4Proof of Valor repeatable solo
Are you a real Orc Fighter or just a wannabe? Prove yourself!
Orc Village[Praetorian] RukainOrc
4Revenge of the Redbonnet repeatable solo
As a child, Maryse Redbonnet narrowly escaped being eaten by wolves. Her family was not so lucky. She has sworn revenge on all wolves!
Dwarf VillageMaryse RedbonnetNo Requirements
5Recover Smuggled Goods one time solo
Warehouse Keeper Wilford is breaking the trade embargo against Gracia that was imposed after the recent war. He should be careful...
Talking Island Village[Warehouse Keeper] WilfordNo Requirements
5Wrath of Ancestors repeatable solo
Those impudent goblin grave robbers have insulted the ancient spirits for the last time! Theres no longer any reason to put up with their insolence! Let them now taste Orcish steel!
Orc Village[Seer] LivinaOrc
5Brigands Sweep repeatable solo
Convoys of the Golden Wheel Guild have recently come under daring attacks from goblin bandits. For the sake of Maphr, this outrage must be avenged! Lets give those goblins a dose of Dwarven justice!
Dwarf Village[Golden Wheel's] SpironDwarf
6The Guard is Busy repeatable solo
Talking Islands immigration policy has been relaxed in order to give refuge to those who have fled the violence of the Gracian War. But its still quite a dangerous place!
Talking Island Village[Captain] GilbertNo Requirements
6Hunt the Orcs repeatable solo
Kaboo Orcs from the Misty Mountains have begun invading the Elven Forest. Theyve even infiltrated the village under the very eyes of the guards! All brave Elves who can help are asked to report to Sentinel Rayen!
Elven Village[Sentinel] RayenElf
6Chains of Slavery repeatable solo
Our former slaves, the Imps, managed to escape while we were distracted by the war. Its time we teach those ungrateful wretches that no one escapes the Dark Elves!
Dark Elven Village[Sentry] KristinDark Elf
6Invaders of the Holy Land repeatable solo
Imps are invading the Immortal Plateau, the ancestral Orcish homeland! Those impetus and foolish imps dont stand a chance against us! In the sacred name of Paagrio, the Lord of Flame! Arise, Orc warriors! Drive this scourge from our land!
Orc Village[Atuba Chief ] VarkeesOrc
6The Hidden Veins repeatable solo
Elder Filaur, an expert in the construction and mining business, has learned that Otuk Orcs have recently discovered a long-lost chrysolite mine...
Dwarf Village[Gray Pillar Member] FilaurDwarf
8Trade with the Ivory Tower repeatable solo
Trader Vollodos reports an increased demand for special spores produced only in the Dark Elven Forest. He promises a reward to whoever brings him these special spores...
Dark Elven Village[Trader] VollodosNo Requirements
8Orc Subjugation repeatable solo
Our former slaves, the Balor Orcs, have dared to defy us! Now theyre hiding in the mountains! Arise, warriors of Shilen, and teach our former slaves a lesson!
Dark Elven Village[Sentry] KayleenDark Elf
8Collect Spores repeatable solo
The Sea of Spores was created by an evil magic set loose in the Great War over 2000 years ago! The evil poison has endured through the millenia, and even now is crossing the mountains, making its way straight towards the Elven Forest! The Elves are frantically trying to find a way to stop it.
Elven Village[Trader] HerbielNo Requirements
9Sword of Solidarity one time solo
The Sword of Solidarity has long symbolized the friendship between Elves and Humans. The disappearance of the sword has coincided with the deterioration of that friendship. Grand Master Roien is seeking a warrior to restore the sword to its place of honor.
Talking Island Village[Grand Master] RoienHuman
9Skirmish with the Werewolves repeatable solo
The fiendish Maraku Werewolves will pay for murdering a messenger of the Lord of Flame! In the name of Paagrio, kill them all!
Orc Village[Prefect] BrukurseOrc
10Spirit of Craftsman one time solo
Karrod from the Dark Elf Village is the best of all Elven blacksmiths. In spite of his awesome skill, he still cannot refine oriharukon ore. Summon a Dwarf Warsmith to discover the secret!
Dark Elven Village[Blacksmith] KarrodDark Elf
10Spirit of Mirrors one time solo
Three Spirits of Mirror have escaped from Magister Gallints laboratory on Talking Island! Capture and seal these spirits!
Talking Island Village[Grand Magister] GallintHuman
10Skirmish with the Orcs one time solo
Kaboo Orcs from the Misty Mountains have invaded the Elven Forest again. Help Sentinel Kendell and the Elven Fighters defeat the invaders and take the head of the Orc Captain!
Elven Village[Sentinel] KendellElf
10Forgotten Truth one time solo
The infamous Orc Brigand has stolen Kayshas Revelations! Retrieve this vital document to secure the future of all Dark Elves!
Dark Elven Village[Tetrarch] ThifiellDark Elf
10Jumble, Tumble, Diamond Fuss one time solo
The Star Diamond is one of only 12 on the entire continent! The Dwarves are planning a Jumble, Tumble, Diamond Fuss!
Dwarf Village[Collector] GouphDwarf
10Shards of Golem one time solo
The roof of Einhasad Temple has collapsed! Help Magister Harrys restore the temple!
Talking Island Village[Magister] HarrysNo Requirements
10Covert Business repeatable solo
The Bronze Key Guild has dealt in rare ingredients for millenia. Theyre looking for someone to hunt bats for an important client.
Dwarf Village[Bronze Key's] KeefDwarf
10Collect Arrowheads repeatable solo
Minia is a collector of odd weapons from diverse cultures. Shes recently begun collecting the weaponry of Turak Orcs, native to Talking Island...
Talking Island Village[Master] MiniaNo Requirements
10Bones Tell the Future repeatable solo
Tetrarch Kaitar predicts the future with dead mens bones. He foresees an approaching darkness that threatens to destroy all the races! He needs a secret ingredient containing awesome death energy to fully understand the prophecy...
Dark Elven Village[Tetrarch] KaitarDark Elf
11Legacy of the Poet one time solo
Rumiel Moonshine, an amazing poet, entertains his companions with dark poetry, detailing the dread and sorrow of war. Alas, he succumbed too young to the violence he so eloquently described... But his soul lives on in his writings, hidden amongst the ruins of the Underground Fortress!
Elven Village[Sentinel] StardenExclude Dark Elf
11Dark Winged Spies repeatable solo
The time has come for the traitor Baranka to pay for his crimes. Destroy the darkwing bats who spy on the tribes of the kingdom.
Orc Village[Neruga Chief ] TantusOrc
11Dreaming of the Skies repeatable solo
Arin of the Black Anvil Guild has long dreamed of flying, and is now studying the ancient technology of the Titans in pursuit of his goal... But he must first find a monster with a floating stone...
Dwarf Village[Black Anvil's] ArinNo Requirements
11Scent of Death repeatable solo
A bit of ground-up corpse skin is essential for growing nightshade...
Dark Elven Village[Trader] MinalessNo Requirements
12Sea of Spores Fever one time solo
Sentinels who were conducting experiments in the Sea of Spores have all come down with a bad fever. Sentinel Knight Alberius is seeking someone to visit Master Cobendell to obtain the cure.
Elven Village[Sentinel Knight] AlberiusElf
12Merciless Punishment one time solo
The exiled traitor Baranka schemes to overthrow the kingdom of the Orcs! Reveal his wicked plot and destroy him! Dejakar Oroka!
Orc Village[Urutu Chief] HatosOrc
12Protect the Water Source one time solo
Someone has intentionally poisoned the water supply of Elven Village! Hierarch Asterios is seeking a young volunteer to find and destroy this evil-doer to save the Mother Tree!
Elven Village[Hierarch ] AsteriosElf
12Curse of the Underground Fortress one time solo
Ancient spirits have begun haunting the ruins of the Dark Elven war in the Underground Fortress. They cry out for revenge...
Elven Village[Trader] UnorenExclude Dark Elf
12Go Get the Calculator. repeatable solo
Isnt it said that insanity always lies at the heart of genius? Blacksmith Brunon dreams of being first to visit the moon, but must have something first...
Dwarf Village[Blacksmith] BrunonNo Requirements
15Cure for Fever Disease one time solo
The students of Einhovants School of Magic have come down with a mysterious fever. Their teacher, Elias, is quite concerned.
Talking Island VillageEliasNo Requirements
15Millennium Love one time solo
The ramifications of the ancient battle with the devil, Beleth, still linger in this land. Lilith still grieves for her lost lover, Theon, at Einhasad Temple. His body wasnt recovered, so shes never truly accepted his death. Shes waited for him for 1000 years at their agreed-upon meeting place on Talking Island...
Talking Island VillageLilithNo Requirements
15Dwarven Kinship one time solo
Warehouse Keeper Carlon hasnt seen his family since he was captured by Dark Elves ten years ago. He seeks someone to deliver a message to his brother Haprock in the Town of Gludio.
Dark Elven Village[Warehouse Freightman] CarlonNo Requirements
15Offspring of Nightmares one time solo
Magister Vlasty is researching the ancient monster known as the dark horror.
Dark Elven Village[Magister] VlastyDark Elf
15Ranchers Plea repeatable solo
Edmond and Marius dream of building a successful ranch on Talking Island, but certain eight-legged monsters stand in their way...
Talking Island VillageEdmondNo Requirements
15Collectors Dream repeatable solo
Alshupes, an amateur zoologist, has a particular interest in the skins and claws of rare animals. He pays a reward to whoever brings him the legs of the giant mutant spiders that lurk near the village.
Elven VillageAlshupesNo Requirements
15Totem of the Hestui repeatable solo
The gray bear totem, longtime guardian of the Hestui Tribe, is under attack from the forces of the evil spirit Kasha! Save the gray bear totem from its grisly fate!
Orc Village[Seer] TanapiOrc
15Gatekeepers Offering repeatable solo
Gatekeeper Tamil must make an offering to a totem of spider in order to complete his teleportation studies at the Ivory Tower.
Orc Village[Gatekeeper] TamilNo Requirements
15Tarantulas Spider Silk repeatable solo
The Silver Scale Guild has received a special order for 20 spider silk outfits from the King of Elmore! They are for the emissaries to Aden and must be of the highest quality! Mion, a tailor at the guild, is frantic... Hes short of both time and materials!
Dwarf Village[Trader] MionRing of Racoon or Ring of Firefly
15Gatekeepers Favor repeatable solo
Since Gatekeeper Wirphy began using the technology of the ancient Titans, hes had more business than he can handle! Now hes in need of some special ingredients to recharge his energy source...
Dwarf Village[Gatekeeper] WirphyNo Requirements
15Grim Collector repeatable solo
Legend says that there is someone who collects bits and pieces of undead things... What could he be thinking?
Gludio Castle Town[Guard] CurtisNo Requirements
15Bards Mandolin repeatable solo
Music is the most beautiful form of expression!. A certain young man, shy and blinded by love, knows this all too well...
Dion Castle Town[Bard] SwanNo Requirements
15Sorrowful Sound of Flute repeatable solo
Music is the most beautiful form of expression! Even a certain lady of nobility with exquisite taste is helpless in its embrace!
Dion Castle Town[Musician] NanarinNo Requirements
15Jovial Accordion repeatable solo
Somebody said music is the most beautiful way to show yourself... The musician who loves music and calls himself the master of the melody, is looking for someone who can play with him...
Dion Castle Town[Musician] BarbadoNo Requirements
15Get a Pet repeatable solo
A pet will be your friend in the most difficult of times. Its not easy to acquire one, however.
Gludin Village[Pet Manager] MartinNo Requirements
16Will the Seal be Broken? one time solo
The Human has betrayed the secret thats kept Hierarch Mitraell sealed for centuries! Help Tettrarch Talloth break the seal that binds Mitraell!
Dark Elven Village[Tetrarch ] TallothDark Elf
17Crystals of Fire and Ice repeatable solo
Hidden deep within the Elven Ruins are rare relics, once used in rituals honoring the ancient spirits of water and fire!... Destroy the evil that guards them and retrieve the priceless relics!
Talking Island Village[Trader] KaterinaNo Requirements
18Destroy Plague Carriers repeatable solo
The Elves have never forgiven the ratmen for introducing plague into their sacred Elven Forest... Not to mention their unholy alliance with the Dark Elves that resulted in the deaths of thousands of Elves! Master Ellenia is recruiting volunteers to destroy the filthy beasts...
Elven Village[Master] ElleniaElf
18Catch the Wind repeatable solo
Lireins are wind spirits, and can quickly stir up quite a storm! Within their bodies youll find soulstone wind shards, good for a variety of purposes!
Elven VillageRizraellNo Requirements
18Sweetest Venom repeatable solo
Dark Elves are very fond of drevient wine, a drink made from the venom of spiders. Astaron, a master brewer, offers to make some for you if youll bring him the ingredients he needs.
Dark Elven VillageAstaronNo Requirements
19Dragon Fangs one time solo
The primitive tribe of Langk Lizardmen in the southern part of Gludio Territory have been using a spell unknown to even the Mystics of the Ivory Tower.
Gludin Village[Guard] LuisNo Requirements
19To Lead and Be Led one time solo
Blacksmith Pinter of the Town of Gludio makes armor that only members of the Clan Academy can wear.
Gludio Castle Town[Blacksmith] PinterA Sponsored Member of the Clan Academy
19The Leader and the Follower one time solo
Head Blacksmith Newyear of the Town of Schuttgart makes armor that only members of the Clan Academy can wear.
Town of Schuttgart[Head Blacksmith] NewyearA Sponsored Member of the Clan Academy
20Red-Eyed Invaders one time solo
The red eyes of the Maille Lizardmen behold the dark shadows cast by war-ravaged Gludio Castle.
Gludio Castle Town[Guard] BabencoNo Requirements
20Ominous News one time solo
Moira received a revelation from Paagrio that a journey to the Crypts of Disgrace is destined.
Town of Schuttgart[Seer] MoiraNo Requirements
20Hunting for Wild Beasts repeatable solo
The salmon returned to the river as quick as lightning! Grocer Pano rushed to sell fishing supplies, but unforseen problems threaten his very existence...
Floran Village[Grocer] PanoNo Requirements
20Magnificent Feast one time solo
Chief Warehouse Keeper Lansfo has taken care of the warehouse at Dion for 40 years. Now hes been offered the promotion of a lifetime!
Dion Castle Town[Warehouse Chief ] RanspoFantasy Wine, adept of Taste, Bring out the Flavor of Ingredients Quest has been fulfilled
20Fantasy Wine repeatable solo
Fathers would brave the fires of hell for their daughters! Guard Harlan of Dion is no exception.
Dion Castle Town[Guard] HarlanNo Requirements
20Yoke of the Past repeatable party
The Gate Keeper Ziggurat, who longs to become Human again, asks you to slay the guardians and collect the scrolls of ancient magic.
All Catacombs/Necropolis No Requirements
20In Search of Fragments of Dimension one time solo
You need a Dimensional Fragment in order to temporarily stay within the Dimensional Rift. Get as many Dimensional Fragments as possible.
All Catacombs/Necropolis No Requirements
20In the Dimensional Rift one time solo
Destroy all of the monsters within the Dimensional Rift. The number of teleports are limited, so you must work quickly!
Dimensional Rift No Requirements
21Seed of Evil one time solo
Evil has spawned in the long-abandoned Elven Ruins! High Priest Biotin was warned of this menace in a dream and is gathering forces to fight the evil.
Talking Island Village[High Priest] BiotinNo Requirements
21Blood Fiend one time solo
Bloody Lord Kirunak, the leader of the dark ones, killed many brave Elven warriors at the final battle of the Underground Fortress! Legend says that he still lurks near that ruined battlefield! Arise, Elven warriors! Revenge is ours at last!
Elven Village[Trader] CreameesExclude Dark Elf
21Dangerous Seduction one time solo
The dreams of Tetrarch Vellior are constantly haunted by a mysterious, beautiful woman! Discover the truth of her origin in the ruins of the School of Dark Arts!
Dark Elven Village[Tetrarch] VelliorDark Elf
21Vanquish Remnants repeatable solo
The Black Lion Mercenaries are seeking volunteers to help rid the kingdom of the last of the filthy Gracian invaders! After their humiliating defeat, most of the Gracians returned home, but a few stragglers stayed behind to loot and pillage. Stand with the Black Lion against the filthy invaders!
Gludin VillageLeopoldNo Requirements
21Sense for Business repeatable solo
Legends speak of a hidden treasure in the Wastelands... How could such a desolate place hold treasure?
Southern Wasteland Entrance[Trader] SarienNo Requirements
23Ghosts of Batur repeatable solo
The vengeful spirits are increasing because of the grave robbers activities, and Karuda needs help preventing something evil from happening.
Crypts of DisgraceKarudaNo Requirements
24Help the Son! one time solo
Pet Manager Lundy has a son who is about to become an Adventurer. He says that hell give you a marvelous gift if you get him a work hammer.
Gludio Castle Town[Pet Manager ] LundyNo Requirements
24Adept of Taste repeatable solo
Chef Jonas dream has always been to return to his hometown a world-class chef. He plans to enter a royal competition, which will be judged by none other than Magister Mirien, a notoriously finicky eater!... What ever shall he prepare...?
Dion Castle TownJonasNo Requirements
24Bring Out the Flavor of Ingredients! one time solo
Dion is always packed for its monthly cooking contest. One magister who likes to cook plans to embarrass the other cooks with his expert technique!
Dion Castle Town[Magister] RollantNo Requirements
25Help the Uncle!  one time solo
One day his uncle left to start a ranch in the north, and Waters recently got a letter from him! He wants to help his uncle start a new life...
Dion Castle Town[Pet Manager ] WatersNo Requirements
25Lizardmens Conspiracy repeatable solo
The Maille Lizardmen slowly and menacingly approach the castle. Their secret power will soon be revealed.
Gludio Castle Town[Guard] PragaNo Requirements
25Recover the Farmland repeatable solo
All that awaited the farmers returning home from the long war was burned land and evil barbarians!
Gludin VillagePioturNo Requirements
25Hunt of the Black Lion repeatable solo
Evil spirits have taken advantage of Adens weakness after the Gracian War to wreak havoc all over the kingdom. The Lords from each territory have called upon the Black Lion Mercenaries to drive the evil spirits away...
Dion Castle Town[Mercenary Captain] SophyaBlack Lion Mark
25Collector of Jewels repeatable party
Magister Nell wants to know the connection between the soul stone found at the Elven Ruins on Talking Island and the one found at the Forgotten Temple... And thats not her only question!
Gludin Village[Magister] NellNo Requirements
26Help the Sister! one time solo
Planning to move to a quiet place, Cooper gets a letter from his younger sister one day. The letter says she wants to become an Adventurer and help her brother! Cooper wants to get a dagger for her!
Giran Castle Town[Pet Manager ] CooperNo Requirements
26Runaway Youth repeatable solo
When you meet a Fishermans son who ran away because he didnt want to be part of the family business, convince him to return home.
Plunderous Plains[Runaway Youth] Ivan No Requirements
27Chest caught with a bait of wind one time solo
Lanosco asks you to look for a lost treasure chest. He thinks it was probably dropped into the water. You should try fishing for it. When you find it, open it up to see what it contains and then return it to its original owner. One time quest.
Dion Castle Town[Fishing Guild Member] LanoscoCompletion of Lanoscos Special Bait quest.
27Lanoscos Special Bait one time solo
Lanosco asks you to obtain special materials that he needs to make a special bait that will be used to recover a lost box. According to Lanosco, this bait doesnt catch fish, but it can be used to catch a special treasure chest!
Dion Castle Town[Fishing Guild Member] LanoscoNo Requirements
27Acts of Evil one time solo
Menacing evil spirits increasingly threaten the peace of Gludio! Unmask and destroy the conspiracy between the Turek Orcs and the ol mahums in the nothern part of the territory!
[Guard] AlvahNo Requirements
28An Elder Sows Seeds repeatable party
The forbidden spellbook, used to protect against the devil Beleth, immediately transformed the once-fertile land south of Aden into a barren wasteland. Now, at last, Elder Casian has hopes of rekindling life there.
Wasteland[Elder] CasianNo Requirements
30The Wishing Potion repeatable solo
Alchemist Matild has long tried to create a mysterious potion. She recently discovered a book containing the recipe and asks you to bring it to her. She gives you a book of alchemy and gives you directions to the secret keeper tree.
Ivory Tower - West[Alchemist] MatildNo Requirements
30A Looter and a Railroad Man repeatable solo
Railroad Worker Obi in the Plunderous Plains is plagued by incessant bandit attacks. Help him!
Plunderous Plains[Railroad Worker] ObiNo Requirements
31Birthday Party Song repeatable solo
The beautiful weather has inspired Melody Maestro Octavia to finish a musical birthday piece. Will you help her to store it?
Dion Castle Town[Melody Maestro] OctaviaNo Requirements
32Arrow of Vengeance repeatable solo
The land dragon Antharas has been ravaging the kingdom of Aden for the past several years. There is one person in particular who seeks to avenge his tyranny...
Giran Castle Town[Guard] BeltonNo Requirements
32Black Swan repeatable solo
Tasaba lizardmen have stolen cargo belonging to Iason Heine, owner of the the most successful commercial guild in Heine! Kill the lizardmen and recover the cargo!
Heine[Captain] GostaNo Requirements
33Curiosity of a Dwarf repeatable solo
Dwarves are naturally curious, but Rolento is even more curious than most! Hes looking for some like-minded individuals to join him...
Southern Wasteland Entrance[Trader] RolentoNo Requirements
34Gather Ingredients for Pie repeatable solo
To make a special pie for this weekends banquet, help Emily collect honey from bees.
Dion Castle TownEmilyNo Requirements
34Hunting Leto Lizardman repeatable solo
Repulse the Leto Lizardmen that suddenly gained power!
Giran Castle Town[Guard] RathNo Requirements
35Method to Raise the Dead repeatable solo
After many hardships, Locksmith Dorothy and her friends succeeded in stealing the treasure of the legendary pirate, Zaken! The shining fang awaited them near the village.
Heine[Locksmith ] DorothyNo Requirements
35Little Wing repeatable solo
Hatchlings are, quite honestly, ugly little creatures! But how else are you to get a strider and wyvern?
Giran Castle Town[Pet Manager ] CooperNo Requirements
36Chest caught with a bait of icy air. one time solo
Youve gotten a strange piece of bait from OFulle, a Giran Fishing Guild Member. I wonder whats in the box he wants you to recover?
Giran Castle Town[Fishing Guild Member] O'FulleCompletion of OFulles Special Bait quest
36OFulles Special Bait one time solo
Lanosco asks you to obtain special materials that he needs to make a special bait that will be used to recover a lost box. According to Lanosco, this bait doesnt catch fish, but it can be used to catch a special treasure chest!
Giran Castle Town[Fishing Guild Member] O'FulleNo Requirements
36Family Honor repeatable solo
Trader Galibredo claims to have royal blood in his veins. He claims to be a descendant of a distinguished aristocratic family of the ancient Elmoreden Empire. He seeks to regain the glory of the past and restore himself to his rightful place of honor.
Oren Castle Town[Trader] GalibredoNo Requirements
36Trespassing into the Sacred Area repeatable party
The Garden of Eva is the holy sanctuary of the Goddess of Water! What are all those evil creatures doing there?!
Heine[Priestess] RestinaNo Requirements
36Wild Maiden repeatable solo
If you meet Suki, who ran away because she fell in love with a vagabond, convince her to go back home.
Timak Outpost[Wild Maiden] SukiNo Requirements
37Electrifying Recharge! repeatable solo
All the best discoveries are accidental! What scientific secrets might we learn from the ancient giants?
Cruma Tower[Researcher] LorainNo Requirements
38Conquest of Alligator Island repeatable solo
After being driven from their trade routes from Giran to Innadril by the Humans, the Dwarven guild authorities agreed to establish new markets for their goods. However, they may get more than they bargained for...
Heine[Warehouse Freightman] KluckNo Requirements
38Wedding March repeatable party
Melody Maestro Kantabilon has found the musical score for a wedding march and asks you to get a special echo crystal to contain the song.
Heine[Melody Maestro] KantabilonNo Requirements
39Help Rood Raise A New Pet! repeatable solo
Could it be true that a beautiful, noble pet has been discovered in the silent field of reeds?
Heine[Pet Manager] RoodNo Requirements
39Devils Legacy repeatable party
Pirate Captain Zaken searched for treasure all his life. While he died an untimely death, his curse lives on, on Devils Isle!
Giran Castle Town[Warehouse Keeper] RandolfNo Requirements
40Coins of Magic repeatable solo
Who would have thought that coin collecting could lead to such horrific chaos throughout the kingdom? It seems impossible to control now! Can you get the Coin Collector Membership 1?
Hunters Village[Warehouse Keeper] SorintNo Requirements
40Alligator Hunter repeatable solo
Giant alligators threaten Innadril! Trader Enbern is looking for someone to help him capture some the beasts...
Heine[Trader] EnverunNo Requirements
40Under the Shadow of the Ivory Tower repeatable solo
The long-sought-after mineral, Nebulite, was used by the ancient giants as a magic amplifier. A secret mission is underway to secure a supply of it...
Hardin’s Academy[Magic Trader] CemaHuman Wizard, Elven Wizard, Dark Wizard, SOrcerer/ss, Necromancer, Warlock, Spellsinger, Elemental Summoner, Spellhowler, Phantom Summoner
40Enhance Your Weapon repeatable solo
A great, unknown darkness looms on the horizon... Sensing the coming chaos, the Magisters and Maestros are preparing secret ways to counter the threat.
Giran Castle Town No Requirements
42Searching for Treasure repeatable solo
The legendary Pirate Captain Zaken left many legends and even more bodies in his wake! One story tells of his treasure, and it seems to be the one most people want to hear... Trader Espen can tell you more!
Heine[Trader] EspenPirates Treasure Map
43Dig Up the Sea of Spores! repeatable solo
The Wizards of the Ivory Tower have sought to stem the spread of the Sea of Spores since ancient times. Now they want a permanent solution to this problem.
Ivory Tower[Magister] GauenNo Requirements
45An Obvious Lie one time solo
High Priest Maximilian asked Gentler to make him some medicine, but the process was interrupted and has been delayed. He asks you to help Gentler.
Giran Castle Town[High Priest] MaximilianNo Requirements
45Little Wings Big Adventure repeatable party
Raising a fat, lazy hatchling isnt an easy task! You shall now reap the harvest of your hard work!
Hunters Village[Elder] CronosAt least Hatchling Level 55, One Dragonflute
46Pavel the Giant one time solo
The Pavel Ruins are near Schuttgart Village. Whats going on there?
Town of Schuttgart[Head Blacksmith] NewyearNo Requirements
46Influx of Machines repeatable solo
The Collector Gutenhagen wants to clear the Pavel Ruins of Golems in order to research them.
Pavel Ruins[Collector] GutenhagenNo Requirements
46An Aged Ex-Adventurer repeatable solo
The aged ex-adventurer left home for some excitement and found serious trouble. If you encounter him during the adventure, help him out.
Outlaw Forest[Retired Adventurer] TantanNo Requirements
47Warehouse Keepers Ambition repeatable party
Warehouse Chief Baxt recently announced retirement, and the competition to replace him has already grown fierce among the freightmen.
Hunters Village[Warehouse Freightman] SilvaNo Requirements
48Chest caught with a bait of earth.  one time solo
You got a strange bait from Willie. Whats inside the box?
Oren Castle Town[Fishing Guild Member] WillieCompletion of Willies Special Bait quest
48Willies Special Bait one time solo
Fishing Guild Member Willie of Oren asks you to bring him the ingredients he needs to make his special bait. It doesnt catch fish, it doesnt make you popular, but it does find treasure chests!
Oren Castle Town[Fishing Guild Member] WillieNo Requirements
481000 years, the End of Lamentation repeatable solo
Long ago, brave, sword-wielding warriors left to slay the land dragon, Antharas. Their shining armor and beautiful white horses gleaming in the sun, they headed off into the sunset to confront the beast, never to return...
Dragon Valley[Antharas Watchman] GilmoreNo Requirements
48Silver Haired Shaman repeatable party
Devils Isle is home to the restless spirits of Pirate Captain Zaken and his men. That island holds some ghastly secrets...
Giran Castle Town[Magister] DieterNo Requirements
50Possessor of a Precious Soul - 1  one time party
Talien is a bard who wanders around Aden Castle Town. He asks you to help him collect the stories of ancient heroes...
Town of AdenTalienThis quest can only be fulfilled while a character is in a sub-class.
51Exploration of the Giants Cave, Part I repeatable party
Dwarf Sobling solved the puzzle of the past and revealed the truth. Theres still something else he needs to do at Giants Cave.
Giants Cave Entrance[Head Researcher] SoblingNo Requirements
52Plunder Their Supplies repeatable solo
Kings, nobles and heroes are buried in the National Cemetery. Since the collapse of the kingdom, this holy place has been overrun with monsters! There are evil forces behind this.
Town of Aden[Guard] ColemanNo Requirements
55Power of Darkness repeatable solo
Galman spends his time alone in Dragon Valley... Nobody wants to go near him, but he has a story to tell...
Dragon Valley[Valley Trader] GalmanNo Requirements
55Lets Become a Royal Member! repeatable solo
The Coin Collectors Club has members from every land! Would you care to take the test to join?
Hunters Village[Warehouse Keeper] SorintCoin Collector Membership - 1, Completion of the Coins of Magic Quest
55Kails Magic Coin repeatable solo
Kail, known as th right hand of the devil Beleth, had a habit of making weird coins. There is a certain collector who collects no others...
Hunters Village[Head Blacksmith] VergaraRoyal Membership
56Whisper of Dreams, Part 1 repeatable party
A dark chaos is about to descend upon the world! Seer Manakia received a warning in a dream, and is planning a ceremony to try and better understand the coming darkness...
Giran Castle Town[Seer] ManakiaNo Requirements
57Supplier of Reagents repeatable party
The Ivory Tower is the crowning achievement of our civilization! Research done here will benefit future generations! Magic is the way of the future!
Ivory Tower[Magic Trader] WesleyNo Requirements
57Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 2 repeatable party
Soblings efforts are finally starting to pay off. However, he says that there is still room for improvement.
Giants Cave Entrance[Head Researcher] SoblingDictionary of Ancient Languages: Intermediate Level
58Stolen Dignity repeatable party
The Iron Gate Guild is furious that the infernium ore that it needs to construct a warehouse has been stolen by monsters! They have asked for assistance in recovering the ore.
Town of Aden[Warehouse Freightman] RompNo Requirements
59Shriek of Ghosts repeatable party
The Tower of Insolence was built with the blood and bones of its many innocent victims. That place is haunted by the souls of those wrongly executed there! Would you pacify them?
Town of Aden[Seer] RevaNo Requirements
59Legacy of Insolence repeatable party
The Tower of Insolence is definitely one of the most marvelous structures in history! The Gray Pillar Guild, expert architects, felt they had to reclaim the inheritance of their Dwarven ancestors technology.
Town of Aden[Warehouse Keeper] WalderalNo Requirements
60Sweet Whispers one time solo
Vladimir is looking for assistants to help the mysterious organization to which he belongs. Its a request you cant refuse.
Rune Castle Town[Trader] VladimirNo Requirements
60Chest caught with a bait of fire.  one time solo
Youve got a strange bait from Linnaeus. Whats inside the box?
Town of Aden[Fishing Guild Member] LinnaeusCompletion of Linnaeus Special Bait quest
60Make a Pair of Dress Shoes one time party
While making formal wear, Leikar asks you to go to Trader Woodley get some dress shoes. Woodley doesnt make them, however.
Town of Aden[Trader] WoodleyThe character must have the Make Formal Wear quest.
60In Search of Cloth one time party
Radia says that the ingredients she needs havent arrived yet. She asks you to go to the Town of Gludio and check on her delivery.
Giran Castle Town[Armor Trader] RadiaThe character must have the Make Formal Wear quest.
60Find Glittering Jewelry one time party
Leikar asks you to go to Ellie and get the gem from her, but Ellie says that she didnt finish because her delivery didnt arrive.
Giran Castle Town[Jeweler ] EllieThe character must have the Make Formal Wear quest.
60Make a Sewing Kit one time party
Leikar asks you to visit Ferris in Aden Castle Town and make a sewing kit. Youll need an extraordinary ingredient to make it.
Town of Aden[Head Blacksmith] FerrisThe character must have the Make Formal Wear quest.
60Make Formal Wear one time party
You visited Alexis to have some formal wear made, but learned that her maid, Leikar, makes it better than she does. Go and see Leikar.
Town of Aden[Trader] AlexisNo Requirements
60Linnaeus Special Bait one time solo
Fishing Guild Member Linnaeus of Oren asks you to bring him the ingredients he needs to make his special bait. It doesnt catch fish, it doesnt make you popular, but it does find treasure chests!
Town of Aden[Fishing Guild Member] LinnaeusNo Requirements
60Possessor of a Precious Soul - 2 one time party
Virgil, a Dwarf who worships the Lady of the Lake, asks you to help his granddaughter who has been tormented by a strange nightmare...
Rune Castle TownVirgilThis quest can only be fulfilled while a character is in a sub-class. In addition, a character must have also completed Possessor of a Precious Soul - 1.
60An Arrogant Search repeatable solo
Above the Tower of Insolence swirls a mysterious vortex. There the gods have sealed Baium, the arrogant creator of the tower. What can you learn there?
Town of Aden[Magister] HanellinNo Requirements
60For Sleepless Deadmen repeatable solo
The kings bitterness at his defeat was so great that it even transcended his death! To this day, he wanders his ruined castle...
Town of Aden[High Priest] OrvenNo Requirements
60Whisper of Dreams, Part 2 repeatable party
Seer Manakia is not able to adequately foresee the coming darkness. He asks for help in acquiring better materials.
Giran Castle Town[Seer] ManakiaMysterious Stone
60Into the Flame one time solo
Youll need a set of floating stones to enter the Flame Pass within the Forge of the Gods.
Forge of the Gods - Upper Floor[Watcher of Valakas] KleinNo Requirements
60A Dark Twilight one time solo
The Hierarch in charge of the Evil Altar asks you to eliminate those who interfere with the activities of his followers.
Valley of the SaintsHierarchNo Requirements
60Heart in Search of Power repeatable solo
The Mysterious Necromancer stands morosely near the entrance of the Valley of Saints. He says that hes gathering materials for his research into increased power.
Valley of the SaintsMysterious NecromancerNo Requirements
61Light and Darkness one time solo
The Hierarch is attempting to make it possible to perform his ritual on the Altar of Saints.
Valley of the SaintsHierarchCompletion of the Sweet Whispers quest
62The Coming Darkness one time solo
The Hierarch says that you must pass a trial to be recognized as a member of his group.
Valley of the SaintsHierarchCompletion of the Light and Darkness quest
63Go to the Pastureland! one time solo
Vladimir says that his recent order of meat from the Pastureland was mushy. He asks you to return it for him.
Rune Castle Town[Trader] VladimirNo Requirements
63Illegitimate Child of A Goddess repeatable solo
Dark Elves think of Shilen as their mother, as she may well be, but children born of such lunacy are bound to cast a dark shadow...
Town of Aden[Grand Master] OltlinNo Requirements
65Possessor of a Precious Soul - 3 one time party
Caradine asks you to help the Lady of the Lake recover her lost strength...
Goddard Castle TownCaradineThis quest can only be fulfilled while a character is in a sub-class. In addition, a character must have also completed Possessor of a Precious Soul - 2.
65Delicious Top Choice Meat repeatable party
The best meat comes from a mature animal, but with no one left to raise them, those animals have become too fierce to approach!
Beast Farm[Beast Herder] TunatunNo Requirements
65In the Forgotten Village one time solo
The Forgotten Village inside the Forest of the Dead. The people here are constantly harassed by undead and Dark Mages. Help them!
Forest of the DeadMinaNo Requirements
66Meeting with the Golden Ram one time solo
Warehouse Chief Donald asks you to deliver war supplies to the Golden Ram Mercenary Force that was dispatched to the Swamp of Screams. He asks you to first go meet Warehouse Freightman Daisy, his niece...
Rune Castle Town[Warehouse Chief] DonalNo Requirements
66Secret Buried in the Swamp one time party
Mercenary Supplier Abercrombie of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force asks you to find a researcher who went missing while he was exploring for relics of an ancient empire that lay hidden in the Swamp of Screams...
Swamp of Screams[Mercenary Supplier] AbercrombieNo Requirements
66Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force one time party
The Golden Ram Mercenary Force is currently recruiting! This prestigious mercenary force is currently carrying out the mission of subjugating/driving out stakatos from the Swamp of Screams...
Swamp of Screams[Mercenary] KahmanNo Requirements
66Clean up the Swamp of Screams repeatable party
Pierce, captain of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force has assigned the task of driving out stakatos to you. You must go to the Swamp of Screams to carry out this mission...
Swamp of Screams[Mercenary Captain] PierceGolden Ram Badge - Recruit or Golden Ram Badge - Soldier
68Shadow of Light repeatable party
When Daimon the White-Eyed tries to control the monsters here, the Eye of Argos sought soldiers to defeat him.
Wall of ArgosEye of ArgosNo Requirements
68Egg Delivery repeatable solo
Chef Jeremy is looking for someone to deliver boiled eggs to his customers.
Hot Springs[Chef] JeremyNo Requirements
68Specialty Liquor Delivery repeatable party
Chef Jeremy is looking for someone to deliver special liquor to his customers.
Hot Springs[Chef] JeremyNo Requirements
71Watching Eyes repeatable solo
The Eye of Argos asks you to kill the disciples that are making its life miserable.
Wall of ArgosEye of ArgosNo Requirements
71The Finest Food one time solo
Chef Jeremy asks you to gather the ingredients so he can develop a special regional dish.
Hot Springs[Chef] JeremyNo Requirements
73The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 one time solo
Chef Jeremy asks you to gather ingredients to attract Icicle Emperor Bumbalump, the king of yetis, so you can get some excellent yeti meat.
Hot Springs[Chef] JeremyNo Requirements
73Truth Beyond the Gate repeatable solo
The Priest Eliyah in the Rune Township knows how to get into the Temple of the Pagans.
Rune Castle Town[Priest] EliyahNo Requirements
73Through the Gate Once More repeatable solo
The Priest Flauron seems like he has something to ask the person who bears the Faded Visitors Mark.
Rune Castle Town[Priest] FlauronFaded Visitors Mark
74Secret Meeting With Ketra Orcs one time solo
The hostile Ketra Orcs possess a very great influence in Goddard Territory. Guard Cadmon tells you that he will give you an opportunity to approach the Ketra tribe and proposes a mission to you...
Goddard Castle Town[Guard] CadmonNo Requirements
74Secret Meeting With Varka Silenos one time solo
The hostile Ketra Orcs possess a very great influence in Goddard Territory. Guard Cadmon tells you that he will give you an opportunity to approach the Ketra tribe and proposes a mission to you...
Goddard Castle Town[Guard] CadmonNo Requirements
74Parcel Delivery one time solo
Mineral Trader Fundin in the Town of Goddard asks you to make an immediate delivery to Vulcan in the lower region of Forge of the Gods.
Goddard Castle Town[Mineral Trader] FundinNo Requirements
74Whereabouts of the Archaeologist one time solo
Liesel asks you to deliver a letter to her Archaeologist friend who left the town a few years ago.
Goddard Castle Town[Trader] LieselNo Requirements
74Alliance with Ketra Orcs one time party
Messenger Wahkan asks you to be an ally of Ketra Orcs and join them in fighting Varka Silenos, the sworn enemy of Ketra Orcs...
Ketra Orc Outpost[Ketra's Messenger] WahkanNo Requirements
74War with Varka Silenos one time solo
Kadun Zu Ketra, the chief of Ketra Orcs is looking for a brave fighter who will defeat Varka Silenos, their sworn enemy...
Ketra Orc Outpost[Hierarch] Kadun Zu KetraMark of Ketras Alliance - Level 1 or higher.
74Magical Power of Water - Part 1 one time solo
Ketras Messenger Wahkan has given you the assignment to steal the source of the magical power from the shaman of Varka Silenos, their enemy...
Ketra Orc Outpost[Ketra's Messenger] WahkanKetra Orcs Alliance - Level 2 or Higher
74Alliance with Varka Silenos one time solo
Naran Ashanuk, Varkas Messenger asks you to become a friend of Varka Silenos and join them in fighting against Ketra Orcs their sworn enemy...
Varka Silenos Post[Varka's Messenger] Naran AshanukNo Requirements
74War with Ketra Orcs repeatable solo
Ashas Varka Durai, Varka Silenos Chief is looking for a fighter who will defeat Ketra Orcs, the sworn enemy of Varka Silenos...
Varka Silenos Post[Hierarch] Ashas Varka DuraiMark of Varkas Alliance - Level 1 or higher.
74Magical Power of Fire - Part 1 one time solo
Varkas Messenger Naran Ashanuk has given you the assignment to steal the source of the magical power from the shaman of Ketra Orcs, their enemy...
Varka Silenos Post[Varka's Messenger] Naran AshanukVarka Silenos Alliance - Level 2 or Higher
74Gather the Flames one time solo
Vulcan is collecting flames in the lower level of the Forge of the Gods. Hell give you a special reward if you defeat all the monsters there and bring him the flames that you collect.
Forge of the Gods - Lower Floor[Blacksmith of Flame] VulcanNo Requirements
74Relics of the Old Empire one time solo
The Ghost of Adventurer collects relics of the nobles who were killed when they came to the cemetery to pay their respects. Take him 1000 relics and hell give you a reward.
Imperial TombGhost of AdventurerNo Requirements
75To the Primeval Isle one time solo
Anton of the Rune Township library gives you an ancient book and asks you to deliver it to Marquez on the Primeval Isle Wharf.
Rune Castle Town[Spellbook Seller] AntonNo requirements
75Meeting the Elroki one time party
The old Primeval Isle explorer Marquez has received a letter from his friend, the Elroki chief Mushika. The chief asks Marquez to send him a brave young adventurer who can search the island for a cure for his mysterious illness.
Primeval Isle WharfMarquezNo requirements
75Fates Whisper one time solo
Many travelers looking for new hope follow the whispers of the lady of the wind! Keep heart! You shall soon acquire the flame of purgatory!
Oren Castle Town[Maestro] ReorinNo Requirements
75Mimirs Elixir one time solo
The star of destiny changes the fate of anyone who holds it! What is the secret of the ancient giants?
Ivory Tower[Magister] LaddStar of Destiny
75Possessor of a Precious Soul - 4 one time solo
Caradine asks you to help the Lady of the Lake recover her lost strength...
Goddard Castle TownCaradineThis quest can only be fulfilled while a character is in a sub-class. In addition, a character must have also completed Possessor of a Precious Soul - 3.
75Prove your courage! one time solo
You heard the news that Kadun Zu Hestui, the elder of Ketra Orcs is looking for a warrior who can defeat Shadith, the hero of the Varka Silenos tribe.
Ketra Orc Outpost[Hierarch] Kadun Zu KetraMark of Ketras Alliance - Level 3
75Slay the enemy commander! one time solo
You heard the news that Kadun Zu Hestui, the elder of Ketra Orcs is looking for a warrior who can defeat Shadith, the hero of the Varka Silenos tribe.
Ketra Orc Outpost[Hierarch] Kadun Zu KetraMark of Ketras Alliance - Level 4
75Magical Power of Water - Part 2 one time solo
You must use the totem you stole from the shaman of Varka Silenos to summon the Spirit of Water and slay it...
Ketra Orc Outpost[Soul Guide] Asefa Mark of Ketras Alliance - Level 2 or Higher. In addition, only a character who has fulfilled the Magical Power of Water - Part 1 quest can pursue this quest.
75Prove your courage! one time solo
Ashas Varka Durai, Varka Silenos Chief is looking for a fighter who will defeat Ketra Orcs, the sworn enemy of Varka Silenos...
Varka Silenos Post[Hierarch] Ashas Varka DuraiMark of Varkas Alliance - Level 3
75Slay the enemy commander! one time solo
Ashas Varka Durai, Varka Silenos Chief is looking for a fighter who will defeat Ketra Orcs, the sworn enemy of Varka Silenos...
Varka Silenos Post[Hierarch] Ashas Varka DuraiMark of Varkas Alliance - Level 4
75Magical Power of Fire - Part 2 one time solo
You must use the totem you stole from the shaman of Ketra Orcs to summon the Spirit of Water and slay it...
Varka Silenos Post[Soul Guide] Udan MarduiMark of Varkas Alliance - Level 2 or Higher. In addition, only a character who has fulfilled the Magical Power of Fire - Part 1 quest can pursue this quest.

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