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Saga of the Trickster (76+)

Description: As an Arbalester, you have learned when to unearth and when to preserve secrets. Now it is time to find the true secret of the Kamael.
Start NPC: [Hierarch] Kekropus
Restrictions: Arbalester

item Adena  - 5000000
item Giant's Codex  - 1
item Exp  - 2299404

1The Pilgrimage Begins
The Resonance Amulet needed to communicate with the first Tablet of Vision is rumored to be in the possession of Magister Justin in the Town of Goddard. Why does he have it? Visit him immediately to learn more.
NPC: Magister Justin
2Ingredients for Life Force Research
Justin is a scholar who has found out about the Kamaels' strength and their origin while researching into the life force. While continuously researching the pertinent matter, he has obtained the Resonance Amulet. Let's bring the cell tissues that will help Justin's research for life force more than the Resonance Amulet and get the Resonance Amulet. As Justin says, let's ask about the cell tissues to Warehouse Keeper Stefano.
NPC: Warehouse Keeper Stefano
3Cooling Preservative
Warehouse Keeper Stefano has arranged the cell tissues for the life energy research by Justin's request, but is reluctant to deliver since they are very fragile and highly perishable. According to Stefano, cells are available to be delivered using pasteurization when the ice crystals are obtained.\ One can produce ice crystals when granting a request of Chef Jeremy in the nearby hot springs.
NPC: Warehouse Keeper Stefano
item 1
4Return to Justin
Warehouse Keeper Stefano pasteurized the cell tissues using ice crystals. Now bring the cell tissues to Justin.
NPC: Magister Justin
item 1
5The First Communion
You have traded the Cellular Tissues to Magister Justin for the Resonance Amulet. The Tablet of Vision that corresponds to this amulet is located south of the Tower of Insolence. Hurry there!
NPC: First Tablet of Vision
item 1
6Guardians of the Resonance Amulet
According to the vision you received from first Tablet of Vision, a hostile creature near the next tablet has the second Resonance Amulet. Eliminate the creature and obtain the amulet.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Guardian of Forbidden Knowledge
NPC: Guardians of Forbidden Knowledge
7The Second Communion
You have obtained the second Resonance Amulet. Use it to communicate with the second Tablet of Vision.
NPC: The Second Tablet of Vision
item 1
8Pilgrims of Evil
Beleth also seems to be interested in the Tablet of Vision and is collecting Resonance Amulets through his minion, The Crimson Duchess. According to the vision you received from the second Tablet, The Crimson Duchess has the third Resonance Amulet in her possession. Find her southeast of the Tablet near the Ketra Orc Outpost and retrieve the amulet.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Crimson Duchess
NPC: Crimson Duchess
item 1
9The Third Communion
You've defeated the Crimson Duchess, a minion of Beleth, and obtained the third Resonance Amulet. Did the Crimson Duchess try to communicate with the Tablet through the Resonance Amulet? Communicate with the third Tablet of Vision.
NPC: The Third Tablet of Vision
According to the Tablet, the female Kamael Master, Mede has the next Resonance Amulet. You will find her in Goddard.
NPC: Master Medea
11Defend Ketra Orcs!
To get the Holy Stone of Wisdom, you must gain the trust of the Ketra Orcs. Speak with Wahkan, their messenger.\
NPC: Ketra's Messenger Wahkan
item 1
12Guard Varka Silenos
To get the Holy Stone of Wisdom, you decided to help the Varka Silenos. Prove yourself to their messenger, Ashanuk, and gain the trust of the Varka Silenos.\
NPC: Varka's Messenger Naran Ashanuk
item 1
13The Fourth Communion
You have obtained the fourth Resonance Amulet. Use it to communicate with the fourth Tablet of Vision.
NPC: The Fourth Tablet of Vision
14Magister Alminas
Magister Alminas in Goddard Castle Town has the fifth Resonance Amulet. Meet him and ask him about the Resonance Amulet.
NPC: Magister Alminas
15Halisha's Minions
The fifth Resonance Amulet is in the possession of the Archon of Halisha. Fight his minions in the Shrine of Loyalty to bring him out to face yo or enter the Imperial Tomb and eliminate the Archon of Halisha directly. \ \ Monsters to be hunted -\ Shrine of Loyalty: Grave Scarabs, Scavenger Scarabs, Grave Ants, Scavenger Ants, Shrine Knights, Shrine Guards, Archon of Halisha \ Imperial Tomb: Archon of Halisha
NPC: Fork: The east road leads you to the Imperial Tomb and the north road to the Shrine of Loyalty.
item 1
16The Fifth Communion
You have obtained the fifth Resonance Amulet. Use it to communicate with the fifth Tablet of Vision, which is on the northwest edge of the Wall of Argos.
NPC: The Fifth Tablet of Vision
17White Threat
The vision you received was of a battle between a white-winged messenger of the gods and a creature who looked like a female Kamael Warrior. You sense that she has the next Resonance Amulet. Go to the southeast Tablet of Vision in the Hunters Village and the help her.
NPC: Sixth Tablet of Vision
18The Sixth Communion
Rodenpicul one of three Kamael heroes who defeated Darkpower Othiel, has given you her Resonance Amulet; she has left in pursuit of Othiel. Hurry and use the amulet to communicate with the Sixth Tablet.
NPC: Sixth Tablet of Vision
item 1
19Truth of the Kamael
Before she departed, Rodenpicula told you a shocking story; she says that the Kamael were originally created by the Giants as a weapon against the gods. Return to Hierarch Kekropus and report your findings.
NPC: Kekropus
20Requirements for Cleass Transfer
Your ability to learn the necessary knowledge from the Tablet of Vision seems to be insufficient. Keep acquiring experience; when you reach level 76, visit Hierarch Kekropus to complete the class trasnfer.
NPC: Kekropus


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