High Five

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Certified Soul Breaker (39+)

Description: If you wish to walk the path of a Soul Breaker, you must first prove your ability.
Start NPC: [Grand Master] Vitus
Restrictions: Trooper, Warder

item Adena  - 71194
item Dimensional Diamond  - Undecided
item Exp  - 393750
item SP  - 27020

1The Test Begins
To qualify to become a Soul Breaker, visit Hierarch Kekropus. \
NPC: Hierarch Kekropus
2Go to Casca
Visit Vice Hierarch Casca to test your qualifications.\
NPC: Vice Hierarch Casca
3Return to Casca
Casca tells you he is busy and asks you to return later. \
NPC: Casca
4The Mission Begins
Vice Hierarch Casca says that there is a suspicious man who walks around the Guild and inspects the cargo that comes from Gludin Village. Investigate him and get the cargo. Let's go to Grand Master Holst in the Town of Dion.\
NPC: Holst
5A Suspicious Man
A suspicious man did appear in Dion, but he has since left. Talk with Grand Master Holst again. \
NPC: Holst
6Let's meet Guards.
Holst claims that he has seen a strange man fleeing to the northwest. Find the guards stationed in the northwest and question them. \
NPC: Northwest Guards
7Meet the Captain
It seems the man did not escape along the northwestern route after all. Find Captain Lucas, who is stationed at the South Gate. \
NPC: Captain Lucas
8Meet the North Guards
According to the Captain, the man did not pass through the Southern Gate. Go find the North Guards. \
NPC: North Gate Guards
9To Giran Castle Town
The man has already passed through Northern Gate towards Giran. Go to Giran Castle Town to obtain information from the North Gate Guards, Zerome or Vesa. \
NPC: Giran Guard
10Into Giran Castle Town
You confirm that the man is in Giran Castle. Visit the Kamael Guild Grand Master in Giran Castle Town. \
NPC: Meldina
11To Giran Harbor
He has already gone to Giran Harbor with freight information. Pursue him immediately; you may have just enough time to catch him before the freight arrives at the harbor. \
NPC: Felton
12In Search of Freights
The freight ship was wrecked by wind and waves! Recovery of its cargo is underway. Go to Devil's Isle, where the shipwreck occurred.\
NPC: Lost Freight
13Mission Complete
The freight has been recovered. Katenar tells you to take his letter to Hierarch Casca. Visit Vice Hierarch Casca to report your progress.\
NPC: Vice Hierarch Casca
14Go to Kekropus
Vice Hierarch Casca congratulates you on completing the job without any difficulties. He says that you have sufficiently proven your ability. Go to Kekropus. \
NPC: Hierarch Kekropus
15Obtain the Heart of Wyrm
As the final test, Kekropus asks you to use your magic powers to bring him 10 Wyrm Hearts.\ \ Monster to Hunt: Wyrm\
NPC: Wyrm
item 10
16Return to Kekropus
All 10 Wyrm Hearts have been acquired. Return to Kekropus. \
NPC: Hierarch Kekropus
item 10
17Go to Vitus
You have passed the test of Kekropus. Go to Vitus and notify him that you have proved your worth. \
NPC: Vitus
item 1


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