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Path of the Trooper (18+)

Description: To become a Trooper, you must first pass the test given by Master Gwain in the Town of Gludio.
Start NPC: [Master] Gwain
Restrictions: Male Kamael Soldier

item Adena  - 163800
item Exp  - Undecided
item SP  - Undecided

1Obtain a Recommendation
In order to take the test to become a Trooper, a letter of recommendation is required from Master Shubain in Gludin Village.\
NPC: Master Shubain
2First Training Goals
Training with Master Shubain needs to be completed in order to receive the required recommendation to take the test to be a Trooper. The first objective in your training is to kill Felim Lizardman Warriors in the Fellmere Harvesting Grounds and bring back 5 of their heads. \ \ Monster to Hunt - Felim Lizardman Warriors.\
NPC: Fellmere Harvesting Grounds
item 5
3Second Training Goals
The second part of the training consists of going to Windmill Hill to wipe out the spider population. Bring back 10 Venomous Spider Legs as proof of your efforts.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Venomous Spiders\
NPC: Windmill Hill
item 10
4Training Completed
Master Shubain has completed all the training and has acquired a letter of recommendation. Go see Master Gwain in the town of Gludio to take the test to become a Trooper.\
NPC: Master Gwain
5Test to be a Trooper
To become a Trooper, you must first pass a major test -- destroy a monster known as the Tumran Bugbear and bring back its heart. You will find the Tumran Bugbear in the Ruins of Agony. \ \ Monsters to be hunted - Tumran Bugbear\
NPC: Ruins of Agony
item 1


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