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Path of the Artisan (18+)

Description: Dwarven Artisans are consummate craftsmen. They must pass tests from three blacksmiths.
Start NPC: [Blacksmith] Silvera
Restrictions: Dwarven Fighter

item Adena  - 163800
item Final Pass Certificate  - 1
item Exp  - Undecided
item SP  - Undecided

1The First Blacksmith Test
Quest that must be fulfilled to change class to Artisan. The Dwarf Village Blacksmith Silvery tells you that to become an Artisan you must receive recognition from three Blacksmiths that have been Artisans for a long time. He asks you to go to the Abandoned Coal Mines and obtain 10 boogle ratman teeth and two boogle ratman leader's big teeth.\
NPC: Abandoned Coal Mines
item 10
item 2
2Return to Silvera
You have collected all the teeth of Ratmen. Take them to Blacksmith Silvera.\
NPC: Blacksmith Silvery
item 10
item 2
3The Second Blacksmith Test
In order to take the second test, you must visit Blacksmith Kluto. You can find him at the blacksmith's shop in Gludin Village.\
NPC: Blacksmith Kluto
4Errant to Pinter
Take the letter you received from Blacksmith Kluto Blacksmith Pinter in the Town of Gludio.\
NPC: Blacksmith Pinter
5Missing Box
The item that Blacksmith Kluto commissioned from Blacksmith Pinter has been stolen by a Vuku Orc fighter. Find the culprit and recover the stolen secret box. The thief can be found on Windmill Hill south of Gludin Village. Monster to hunt: Vuku Orc fighter.\
NPC: Windmill Hill
item 1
6Return to Blacksmith Pinter
You have recovered the box. Return it to Blacksmith Pinter of the Town of Gludio.\
NPC: Blacksmith Pinter
item 1
7What is the Blacksmith's Test...?
Blacksmith Pinter rewards you with a 2nd Pass Certificate. Take the secret box to Blacksmith Kluto.\
NPC: Blacksmith Kluto
8Railroad Worker Obi
In order to take the second test, you must first meet with Railroad Worker Obi who is on the Plunderous Plains. Go see him.\
NPC: Railroad Worker Obi
9Solidarity of the Dwarves
Railroad Worker Obi tells you a story about the Solidarity of Dwarves. He asks you to relay the story that can potentially disrupt the Dwarves' loyalty to Mineral Trader Hitchi in the Town of Schuttgart. What do you think you should do?\
NPC: Mineral Trader Hitchi
10A Thoughtless Person
Lockirin of Dwarven Village will instruct you on your next task.\
NPC: Lockirin of the Iron Gate
11Message Delivered
Mineral Trader Hitchi tells you to go back and visit Obi once more. Go see him.\
NPC: Railroad Worker Obi
12A Shrewd Response
When you relay the message to him, Mineral Trader Hitchi tells you to go see Rydel.\
NPC: Warehouse Keeper Rydel


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