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Path of the Shillien Oracle (18+)

Description: Shillien Oracles seek truth and enlightenment in the darkness that surrounds us. Not all are worthy of such a noble profession.
Start NPC: [Magister] Sidra
Restrictions: Dark Mystic

item Adena  - 163800
item Orb of Abyss  - 1
item Exp  - Undecided
item SP  - Undecided

1Two Books
Quest that must be fulfilled to change class to Shillien Oracle. Magister Sidra explains that to become a Shillien Oracle you must acquire two books written in ancient rune: the 'Garmiel book' and the 'Andariel book'. First you must visit Magister Talbot in the Village of Gludin, and learn how to obtain the Garmiel book.\
NPC: Magister Talbot
2Bloody Runes
Magister Talbot asks you to slay Dark Succubi and bring back five bloody runes. You will find those abominations in a spider nest west of the Altar of Rites. In return he will compile the Garmiel Book for you. Monsters to be hunted - Dark Succubi.\
NPC: Spider Nest
item 5
3Return to Talbot
You have collected all five bloody runes. Return to Magister Talbot in Gludin Village and ask him to make the Garmiel Book for you.\
NPC: Magister Talbot
item 5
4Another Book
You have obtained the Garmiel book from Magister Talbot. Now you must obtain the Andariel book from Priest Adonius at Einhasad Temple in Gludin Village.\
NPC: Priest Adonius
5Ritual of Atonement?
Priest Adonius promises you that if you slay the skeletons and zombies in the Ruins of Agony and bring back 10 Ashen Bones, he will give you a copy of the Andariel book. You should hunt Skeleton Infantrymen, Shield Skeletons, Zombie Soldiers and Zombie Warriors.\
NPC: Ruins of Agony
item 10
6Return to Adonius
You have collected 10 Ashen Bones. Return to Priest Adonius at Einhasad Temple in Gludin Village and receive a copy of the Andariel book.\
NPC: Priest Adonius
item 10
7Shillien Oracle
You have obtained the Andariel Book from Priest Adonius. Return to Magister Sidra.\
NPC: Magister Sidra


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