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Path of the Assassin (18+)

Description: A Warrior of Darkness is a ruthless, silent assassin. Find Arkenia at the altar of coming-of-age ceremony and prove yourself to her.
Start NPC: Triskel
Restrictions: Dark Fighter

item Adena  - 163800
item Iron Heart  - 1
item Exp  - Undecided
item SP  - Undecided

1Towards the Altar of Rites
Quest that must be fulfilled to change class to Assassin. To become an Assassin, Triskell asks you to prove your skills by helping Witch Arkenia who can be found at the Altar of Rites.\
NPC: Witch Arkenia
2In Search of Shilen's Tears
Witch Arkenia asks you to recover Shilen's tears that were stolen from her. You can get more information about the theft from Guard Leikan in Gludin Village. Go and see him.\
NPC: Guard Leikan
3Leikan's Request
Guard Leikan tells you that if you obtain 10 moonstone beast's molars for him, he will tell you who stole Shilen's Tears.\
NPC: Neutral Zone
item 10
4Return to Leikan
You have obtained 10 Moonstone Beast's molars. Take them to Guard Leikan in Gludin Village.\
NPC: Guard Leikan
item 10
5Recover Shilen's Tears
Guard Leikan tells you that the thief who stole Shilen's Tears is an Orc named Calpico. You will find him near the School of Dark Arts. Kill him and recover Shilen's Tears.\
NPC: Calpico
item 1
6Return to Arkenia
You defeated Calpico. Take Shilen's Tears to Witch Arkenia at the Altar of Rites.\
NPC: Witch Arkenia
item 1
7Recommendation of Witch Arkenia
You have returned Shilen's Tears to Witch Arkenia for which she gave you a Recommendation to become an Assassin. Take it to Triskel in the Town of Gludio.\
NPC: Triskel


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