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Path of the Human Wizard (18+)

Description: Wizards must have a deep understanding of the power and meanings of each of the four elements. A token of fire is essential if you are to follow the Path of the Wizard!
Start NPC: Parina
Restrictions: Human Mystic

item Adena  - 163800
item Bead of Season  - 1
item Exp  - Undecided
item SP  - Undecided

1In Search of the Spirit of Flame
The quest to change class to Wizard. Parina asks that you find tokens which symbolize earth, fire, water, and wind. Go to the Ruins of Agony and meet the fire spirit salamander.\
NPC: Flame Salamander
2Key of Flame
The key of flame once kept by the fire spirit salamander has been stolen. Go to the northwest corner of the Ruins of Agony, slay the ratman warriors there and recover the key of flame.\
NPC: The Entrance to the Ruins of Agony
item 1
3Return to the Flame Salamander
You have recovered the key of flame from the ratman warriors. Return it to the fire spirit salamander in the Ruins of Agony.\
NPC: Flame Salamander
item 1
4In Search of Wind Sylph
Your curiosity knows no bounds! Your endless quest for knowledge is not unlike the wandering wind... Your next teacher shall be the Wind Sylph, located at the northwestern entrance of the Wastelands.\
NPC: Wind Sylph
5Silence the Noise of Lizardman
The Wind Sylph complains to you that the racket created by the Lizardman who recently appeared in the south of the Wastelands has made it impossible for her to hear the wind. Go meet with him and ask him not to make so much noise.\
NPC: Lizardman of the Wastelands
6Return to Wind Sylph
Wastelands Lizardman apologizes for the noise, and hands over Wind Feather which seems to belong to Wind Sylph to you. Take this to Wind Sylph.\
NPC: Wind Sylph
7In Search of Water Undine
Your pursuit of knowledge has led to a time of contemplation and reflection. Contemplation of acquired knowledge is much like water. Your next teacher shall be the Water Undine. You will find her near Fellmere Lake.\
NPC: Water Undine
8Destroy Water Seer
The Water Undine asks you to defeat the Water Seer that is disturbing the energy of the water. The beast looks like an eye, and is located across the lake. Then, as proof, bring back two sparkling pebbles.\
NPC: Water Seer
item 2
9Return to Undine
Take the two sparkling pebbles you have obtained to the Water Undine across the lake.\
NPC: Water Undine
item 2
10In Search of Earth Snake
The time for reflection is over. You must now strengthen your resolve by learning the Path of the earth. Your next teacher will be Earth Snake, found north of the Ruins of Agony.\
NPC: Earth Snake
11In Search of Red Soil
The earth snake asks that you collect red soil containing the life energy of the earth from the red bears in the Fellmere Harvesting Grounds between the Ruins of Agony and Windy Hill.\
NPC: Fellmere Harvesting Grounds
item 1
12Let's Return to the Earth Snake
Take the red soil to the Earth Snake in the Ruins of Agony and obtain a token of earth.\
NPC: Earth Snake
item 1
13Path of the Human Wizard
You now possess all four tokens. You are well along the path to enlightenment. Now you must visit Parina in Gludin Village to continue the Path of the Wizard.\
NPC: Parina


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