High Five

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Possessor of a Precious Soul - 2 (60-75)

Description: Virgil, a Dwarf who worships the Lady of the Lake, asks you to help his granddaughter who has been tormented by a strange nightmare.
Start NPC: Virgil
Restrictions: This quest can only be fulfilled while a character is in a sub-class. In addition, a character must

item Exp  - 455764

1A Girl's Nightmare
Have a conversation with Kassandr Virgil's granddaughter. \
NPC: Kassandra
2Scenery in the Dream
Talk to Ogmar regarding the vision Kassandra saw in her dream. \
NPC: Ogmar
3Into the Swamp of Screams
Go to the place Ogmar told you about and look for clues. \
NPC: East of the Swamp of Screams
4Find a Clue
As suggested by the Mysterious Dark Knight, go investigate the Angel corpses. \
NPC: Angel Corpses
5Golden Clue
You've discovered a strand of blonde hair from an Angel's corpse. Take it to Mysterious Dark Knight. \
NPC: Mysterious Dark Knight
6In Search of the Witch
Take the strand of blonde hair you found from the angel's corpse and go see Witch Kalis. \
NPC: Witch Kalis
7Meet the Witch's Disciple
Go to Alchemist Matild, pick up an ingredient needed for sorcery, and bring it back. \
NPC: Alchemist Matild
8Back to Witch Kalis
You've received the ingredient needed for the practice of sorcery from Alchemist Matild. Now take it with you and return to Witch Kalis. \
NPC: Witch Kalis
9To the Valley of Saints
Witch Kalis knows the whereabouts of the Lady of the Lake. She's in the Valley of Saints. \
NPC: Valley of Saints
10A Closer Look at the Unicorn
All the cornerstones that trapped the Fallen Unicorn have disappeared. Now check on the unicorn.\
NPC: Fallen Unicorn
11Return to Kassandra
You've rescued the Lady of the Lake who had taken on the appearance of a pure white unicorn. Return to Kassandra in the Rune Township.\
NPC: Kassandra


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