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Seeds of Chaos (75+)

Description: The Star of Destiny is an artifact of the gods! Discover its true meaning and find enlightenment.
Start NPC: [Hierarch] Kekropus
Restrictions: Kamael with a Star of Destiny

item Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A-Grade) A - Undecided
item Question Mark  - Undecided

1Possessor of the Star of Destiny
If you possess the Star of Destiny, you may be guided by the Lady in Blue. Hierarch Kekropus instructs you to visit a Wizard in Forest of the Dead.
NPC: Mysterious Wizard
2Wizard's Favor
The mysterious Wizard asks you to bring him a Black Echo Crystal, which is probably in the possession of Needle Stakato in the Swamp of Screams.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Needle Stakato Drones\
NPC: Swamp of Screams
item 1
3Return to Wizard
Black echo crystal found. Let's go back to the magician
NPC: Mysterious Wizard
4Waiting for the One
After you gave the Wizard the Echo Crystal, he tells you to wait for someone who has information you need...
NPC: ???
5Hidden One
Katenar tells you to find Harkilgamed, who is said to be hiding somewhere in the Valley of Saints.
NPC: Hideout of Harkilgamed
6More Waiting
The Wizard tells you to wait a little longer. Do you listen to him?
NPC: Mysterious Wizard
7The One to Meet
The person you're waiting for seems to be near. Talk to the Wizard.
NPC: Mysterious Wizard
8Blood Jewel
Katenar orders you to bring him the Blood Jewel, which is held by the Vampire Wizard who appears here only at night. Defeat him and take the jewel.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Vampire Wizard
NPC: Forest of the Dead
item 1
9Return to Wizard
You have obtained the Blood Jewel. Return to the Wizard.
NPC: Mysterious Wizard
10The Cursed Village
Katenar orders you to deliver the troublesome jewel to Kurstin in Cursed Village. He cautions you to only visit the town during the day, however.
NPC: Kurstin
11To the Valley of Saints
In the letter left from Katenar, it says to go see Harkilgamed hidden in the Saint's Valley. Let us go and look for him.
NPC: Hideout of Harkilgamed
12Help Harkilgamed
Harkilgamed asks you to help throw his enemies into confusion by attacking the nearby monsters. Help him!\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Shout of Splendor, Alliance of Splendor, Signet of Splendor, Crown of Splendor, Fang of Splendor and Wailing of Splendor
NPC: Valley of Saints
item 62
13To Harkilgamed
Acquired 62 medals of light by killing the enemy's commanders. Let's go back to Harkilgamed
NPC: Hideout of Harkilgamed
14Hierarch of Kamael
Now that you know part of the secret, you should visit Hierarch Kekropus.
NPC: Kekropus
15To Nornil's Garden
The last person to meet is Rodenpicul who is in Nornil's Garden. First, though, visit Vice Hierarch Mao.
NPC: Vice Hierarch Mao
Rodenpicula will be waiting in Nornil's Garden.
NPC: Rodenpicula
17Manipulation of Nornil
The Seeds of Chaos are the work of Mother Nornil. Speak to her.
NPC: Mother Nornil
18The Spicula's Approval
Rodenpicula can give you the first approval. Get it from her!
NPC: Rodenpicula
19New Privileges
Rodenpicula has allowed this. Let's go see Mather Nordill.
NPC: Mother Nornil
20Seeds of Chaos
The seed of chaos found. But it says there's something wrong... Talk with Rodenpicula
NPC: Rodenpicula


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