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Test of the Lord (39+)

Description: Overlords are born, not made. To become an Overlord who also holds the position of Chief, the candidate must pass the Test of the Lord. The test to determine if you are worthy to become an Overlord has begun!
Start NPC: [Flame Lord] Kakai
Restrictions: Orc Shaman

item Adena  - 161806
item Dimensional Diamond  - Undecided
item Exp  - 894888
item SP  - 61408

1Totems of the Five Tribes
Pa'agrio Lord Kakai says that you must meet the chiefs of all five tribes, except Hestui, and bring back their totems. The Atuba Chief, the Neruga Chief and the Urutu Chief can be found in the Royal Hall; the Duda-Mara Chief is in the Town of Oren and the Gandi Chief is in the Town of Dion.
item 1
item 1
item 1
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item 1
2Return to the Flame Lord
You've received the five totems from the five chiefs. Return to Pa'agrio Lord Kakai.\
NPC: Pa'agrio Lord Kakai
3Searching for an Ancestor
Pa'agrio Lord Kakai orders you to go to Ancestor Martankus in the Cave of Trials. Pass his final test and then return.\
NPC: Ancestor Martankus
4Kill the Ragna Orcs
Ancestor Martankus says that you must kill Ragna Orcs and bring their heads as proof.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Ragna Orc Prefects, Ragna Orc Seers\
NPC: Ragna Orc
item 1
5Return to Martankus
You've brought the heads of the Ragna Orcs and found treasonous documents in their bodies. Take them to Ancestor Martankus.\
NPC: Ancestor Martankus
6The First Orc
You've done all that Ancestor Martankus asked of you. The very first Orc is coming to congratulate you personally! Will you meet with him?\
7Return to Kakai
The first Orc tells you an ancient secret and encourages you to become a Lord of the tribe in the future. Return to Pa'agrio Lord Kakai.\
NPC: Pa'agrio Lord Kakai


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