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Test of the Maestro (39+)

Description: In order to become a maestro, you must pass the Test of Maestro. Lockirin of the Iron Gate who administers the test says that you must obtain and bring back recommendations from three other elders. Will you indeed be able to obtain recommendations from the three Dwarven elders who are known to have
Start NPC: [Iron Gate's] Lockirin
Restrictions: Artisan

item Adena  - 372154
item Dimensional Diamond  - Undecided
item Exp  - 2058244
item SP  - 141240

1The Elders' Recommendations
Lockirin explains that if you wish to become a Maestro, you must obtain the recommendations of three elders. \
item 1
item 1
item 1
2Return to Lockirin
You've collected all three elders' recommendations. Return to Lockirin of the Iron Gate.\
NPC: Lockirin of the Iron Gate


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