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Test of the Reformer (39+)

Description: Seekers of the true faith, whoever wishes to become a bridge between this world and the next as a Priest, should speak to an exiled preacher named Sl a true man of faith.
Start NPC: [Priestess] Pupina
Restrictions: Cleric, Shillien Oracle

item Adena  - 226528
item Dimensional Diamond  - Undecided
item Exp  - 1252844
item SP  - 85972

1To Advance the Light
Do your part to make the world a better place. Use Disrupt Undead to defeat the Nameless Revenants who haunt the Execution Grounds.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Nameless Revenants\
NPC: Execution Grounds
A strange entity has emerged among the Nameless Revenants! Kill it! \ \ Monster to Hunt - Aruraune\
3A Large Nail
Aruraune disappears after telling you that truth would soon be clear. Could this be what Priest Pupina was talking about?\
NPC: Priestess Pupina
4Shout From the Wilderness
The iron nail stuck in Aruraune's head is a tool for brainwashing. Is a temple injecting their religious doctrines directly into people's heads? Visit Preacher Sla in Wastelands to find the answer.\
NPC: Preacher Sla
5Light for the Ol Mahum
One of Preacher Sla's disciples is a missionary for the Ol Mahum. Meet Katari near the waterfall in the Neutral Zone.\
NPC: Katari
6Protect the Pilgrim
Some Ol Mahums have been reformed by the power of missionary work, but the Ol Mahum inspector is attacking them! Defend the Ol Mahum pilgrims!\ \ Monster to Hunt - Ol Mahum Inspector\
7Ol Mahum Divided by 2
You've killed the Ol Mahum inspector. Speak with Katari and the Ol Mahums again.\
NPC: Katari
8Defeat the Betrayer!
There's a traitor among the Ol Mahum pilgrims! Kill the betrayer!\ \ Monster to Hunt - Ol Mahum Betrayer\
9Return to Katari
You've killed the Ol Mahum betrayer. Return to Katari.\
NPC: Katari
10Search for the Betrayer
The Betrayers may be somewhere else. Return to Preacher Sla and inform him that there are traitors!
NPC: Preacher Sla
11Scattered Disciples
The other Ol Mahums have split into three groups and are scattered throughout the land. First, meet with Kakan in the southeastern Orc Village.
NPC: Kakan
12Help the Ol Mahums!
Use your magic to help the Ol Mahums defeat vicious Crimson Werewolves. Remember: don't attack the creatures directly unless you can kill them with one strike!\
13Return to Kakan
The Crimson Werewolves have been destroyed. Return to Kakan.\
NPC: Kakan
14Visit the Dwarven Village
A wise warrior knows when to retreat. Visit Nyakuri in the Dwarven Village.\
NPC: Nyakuri
15Slay the Lizardman!
You must defeat the Lizardman in melee combat, without the aid of magic!\ \ Monster to Hunt - Krudel Lizardman\
16Return to Nyakuri
You have defeated the Krudel Lizardman. Return to Nyakuri.\
NPC: Nyakuri
17To Talking Island
The Ol Mahums should be safe from Lizardmen attacks for some time. Meet Ramus near the waterfall on Talking Island.\
NPC: Ramus
18Preparing for a Memorial Service
Talking Island is a very beautiful place. Bone fragments are needed for a memorial service that will be held here soon. Go to the Elven Ruins and bring a bone fragment from each type of undead monster there.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Skeleton Archers, Misery Skeletons, Skeleton Marksmen, Skeleton Lords, Silent Horrors\
NPC: Entrance of the Elven Ruins
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19Return to Ramus
You have collected the bone fragments needed for the memorial service. Return to Ramus.\
NPC: Ramus
20Letter from a Disciple
Ramus is satisfied that he can hold the memorial service safely and asks you to deliver a letter to his mentor. Return to Sla.\
NPC: Preacher Sla


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