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Test of the Healer (39+)

Description: The mark of the healer is only bestowed upon those who recognize the power of purifying light. Prophecies speak of a female who will save the world from darkness and chaos! The conspiracy begins with her..
Start NPC: [Priest] Bandellos
Restrictions: Human Knight, Elven Knight, Cleric, Oracle

item Adena  - 266980
item Dimensional Diamond  - Undecided
item Exp  - 1476566
item SP  - 101324

1The Girl of Prophecy
Ancient revelations tell of a girl that will be born to save the world from the forces of darkness. A girl has been born who claims to be the saint described in the prophecy. Speak with Perrin in Gludin Village.\
NPC: Perrin
2Perrin's Bodyguard
Perrin's bodyguard has appeared! Kill him!\
3The Evil Perrin
You've defeated Tatom Perrin's bodyguard. Listen to what Perrin has to say.\
NPC: Perrin
4The Ringleader
Perrin's companion, Allana is behind this. Find her.\
NPC: Allana
5An Orphan Girl
Allana scoffs and claims she only saw such a girl once, in the orphanage near Gludio Castle. \
NPC: Orphanage Master Gupu
6A Poor Orphanage
The orphanage is having serious financial difficulties. They could survive if only they had 100,000 adena. \
NPC: Orphanage Master Gupu
item 100000
7A Girl of the Wastelands
The head of the orphanage gratefully accepts your 100,000 adena. But one of the girls seems to be missing...?\
NPC: Windy Shaoring
8A Mysterious Girl
Windy is a mysterious girl who talks to monsters. She says she'll return to the orphanage and asks you to go there first. Let's return to orphanage.\
NPC: Orphanage Master Gupu
9An Elf from Gludio
You haven't find out anything about the saint, but an Elf from Gludio named Sorius might know something.\
NPC: Master Sorius
10Tracking the Followers of Shilen
The girl was kidnapped by the followers of Shilen. Meet Daurin Hammercrush in the western part of the Turek Orc Camp!\
NPC: Daurin Hammercrush
11Destroy the Leto Lizardmen!
Destroy the Leto Lizardmen!\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Leto Lizardmen\
12The First Secret Letter
You've defeated the Leto Lizardmen and obtained the first secret letter! Let's speak to Daurin again.\
NPC: Daurin Hammercrush
13To the Obelisk!
The secret letter describes a ceremony that should take place at the obelisk in the Dark Elven Forest. You may find a clue there. Hurry up! Look for help on the way!\
14Subjugate the Forces of Darkness! - Part 1
The mysterious Dark Elf has summoned new recruits! Kill them!\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Leto Lizardman Assassins\
item 1
15Tracking the Dark Elf - Part 1
You've defeated the Leto Lizardmen. Keep attacking the mysterious Dark Elf!\
16Subjugate the Forces of Darkness! - Part 2
More recruits! Defeat them all!\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Leto Lizardman Snipers\
item 1
17Tracking the Dark Elf - Part 2
You've defeated the Leto Lizardmen. Keep attacking the mysterious Dark Elf!\
18Subjugate the Forces of Darkness! - Part 3
More recruits! Kill the enemy one more time!\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Leto Lizardman Mystics, Leto Lizardman Lords\
item 1
19Tracking the Dark Elf - Part 3
You've defeated the Leto Lizardmen. This is the end! Keep attacking the mysterious Dark Elf!\
20Where is the Saint?
The spell that imprisoned the saint has been broken. But where is the saint? Daurin's people may know. Look for clues nearby!\
21Finding the Saint
The saint can be found in a tent near the Dark Elven Altar of Rites. Find her!\
NPC: Saint Kristina
22The Duty of the Saint
The Goddess has begun to open her eyes.\ Kristina says she has things to do here and asks you to deliver a letter to Master Sorius on her behalf.\
NPC: Master Sorius
23Test of the Healer
Sorius thanks you for a job well done and promises to speak to Bandellos on your behalf. Return to Priest Bandellos.\
NPC: Priest Bandellos


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