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Test of the Searcher (39+)

Description: A Searcher has the ability to find hidden things. To obtain the mark of the searcher, visit Alex in Floran Village. He was once known as the best scout in the kingdom.\
Start NPC: [Master] Luther
Restrictions: Rogue, Elven Scout, Assassin, Scavenger

item Adena  - 161806
item Dimensional Diamond  - Undecided
item Exp  - 894888
item SP  - 61408

1Scout of the Kingdom
A Searcher has the ability to find hidden things. To obtain the mark of the searcher, visit Alex in Floran Village. He was once known as the best scout in the kingdom.\
NPC: Alex
2Alex's Aide
Alex asks you to meet with Leirynn, his aide. She'll tell you what to do.\
NPC: Militiaman Leirynn
3Shaman of the Delu Lizardmen
Leirynn orders you to kill the Delu Lizardman Shaman in this area.\ \ Monster to Hunt - Delu Lizardman Shaman\
NPC: Floran Agricultural Area
item 10
4Return to Leirynn
You've destroyed the Delu Lizardman Shaman. Report back to Leirynn.\
NPC: Militiaman Leirynn
5Kakis, Chief of the Delu Tribe
Classified documents have revealed that the Delu Lizardmen's sole purpose was to find something. Chief Kalkis might know something!\ \ Monster to Hunt - Delu Chief Kalkis\
NPC: Delu Chief Kalkis
6A Suspicious Map
You've defeated Kalkis. He has a suspicious map, doesn't he? Return to Leirynn and find out more about it.\
NPC: Militiaman Leirynn
7Report to Captain Alex
Leirynn doesn't know what the map is for and asks you to take it to Captain Alex.\
NPC: Alex
8Search For the Lost Gold Bars
The map shows the forgotten gold chest left from the old Lord's elite! Go see the Gludio village's then-elite Boris to find out abut the information.\
NPC: Drunkard Borys
9Loosen the Drunkard's Lips
Borys isn't going to say a word unless you bring him the best malrukian wine that Tyra can find.\
NPC: Trader Tyra
10Red Spore Dust
Tyra is willing to exchange the wine for 10 pouches of red spore dust. You can get red spore dust from the giant fungus at the Sea of Spores!\
NPC: Sea of Spores
item 10
11Return to Tyra
You've obtained 10 pouches of red spore dust. Take them to Tyra and trade them for malrukian wine.\
NPC: Trader Tyra
12A Happy Drunkard
Take the malrukian wine to Borys and get the information!\
NPC: Drunkard Borys
13The Gold Thief
The four royal guards conspired together to conceal the lord's gold. One of them is a man whose name is Jax. He must be protecting merchant convoys in the southern section of the Wastelands. Let's go find him! \
NPC: Bodyguard Jax
14Find the Torn Map
The guards tore the map into 4 pieces and ran away. One of them was killed by road scavengers and another lost his life to the hangman tree. Find the map pieces!\ \ Monsters to be hunted -\ Death Pass: Road Scavengers\ Execution Grounds: Hangman Trees\
item 1
item 1
15Return to Jax
You've found the pieces of the map that were held by Solt and Makel. Visit Guard Jax to complete the map!\
NPC: Bodyguard Jax
16The Treasure's Location
As you piece together the 4 parts of the map, a coordinate appears. Go there!\
NPC: ???
17A Treasure Box
You've discovered a rusty box and a key. Can you open it?\
18The Gold Bars Are Discovered!
You've discovered 20 gold bars in the rusty box! Take them to Alex right away!\
NPC: Alex
19Alex's Letter of Recommendation
Alex writes you a letter of recommendation to give to Master Luther. Take it to him now!\
NPC: Master Luther


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