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Test of the Champion (39+)

Description: These chaotic times are the best times for Warriors. Everything from mud and gore to love and romance is but for the taking!
Start NPC: [Veteran] Ascalon
Restrictions: Warrior, Orc Raider

item Adena  - 229764
item Dimensional Diamond  - Undecided
item Exp  - 1270742
item SP  - 87200

1The Old Soldier's Friend
Veteran Ascalon asks you to find his old friend Mason in the southern part of Dion.\
NPC: Mason
2Mason's Revenge
Mason's entire family was massacred by troops of the Gracian army. Exact his revenge upon the Bloody Axe Elites on the Plains of the Lizardmen.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Bloody Axe Elites\
NPC: Plains of the Lizardmen
item 10
3Return to Mason
You've collected 100 heads of the Bloody Axe Elite. Now take them to Mason.\
NPC: Mason
4Letter to Ascalon
Mason is satisfied that his family has been avenged. He asks you to deliver a letter to Ascalon.\
NPC: Veteran Ascalon
5Poison of Medusa
Now you must make an antidote for the Giran guards who were poisoned by the medusa. Find Groot in Giran Castle Town.\
NPC: Magic Trader Groot
6An Antidote for Medusa Poisoning
It wasn't a mortal threat to the race, but the number medusa poisonings certainly increased. Create an antidote from a harpy's egg, the medusa's venom and Windsus bile.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Gorgon Flower Garden: Harpy, Medusa\ Death Pass: Windsus\
NPC: Gorgon Flower Garden
item 30
item 30
item 30
7Return to Groot
You've gathered the ingredients to make the antidote for the medusa's venom. Return to Magic Trader Groot.\
NPC: Magic Trader Groot
8Fight of the Old Soldiers
Groot thanks you for helping him and tells you that he will make and deliver the antidote. Now return to Ascalon.\
NPC: Veteran Ascalon
9Crisis In the Town of Oren
The Town of Oren is threatened! Meet Captain Mouen there!\
NPC: Captain Mouen
10Hunting the Road Scavenger
The crisis in Oren was a bit overblown by Ascalon, but the road scavengers are clearly causing trouble. Bring back 100 of their heads!\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Road Scavengers, Road Collectors\
NPC: Death Pass
item 10
11Return to Mouen
You've collected 100 heads of the road scavengers. Return to Captain Mouen.\
NPC: Captain Mouen
12Protect Giran Castle
Ascalon was right! the Leto Lizardmen have begun a full frontal assault! You must defend Giran Castle!\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Leto Lizardmen\
NPC: Plains of the Lizardmen
item 10
13Return to the Captain
You've collected 100 fangs of Leto Lizardmen. Return to Captain Mouen.\
NPC: Captain Mouen
14Return to Ascalon
You've saved Giran! Return to Veteran Ascalon.\
NPC: Veteran Ascalon


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