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Testimony of Trust (37+)

Description: Humans have proudly dominated this continent for millennia. But, as has been said, pride goes before the fall. If they are to survive, they must restore the trust of the other races.
Start NPC: [High Priest] Hollint
Restrictions: Warrior, Human Knight, Rogue, Human Wizard, Cleric

item Adena  - 252212
item Dimensional Diamond  - Undecided
item Exp  - 1390298
item SP  - 92782

1The Elven Tetrarch
High Priest Hollint warns of a huge pending disaster and the dawn of an era of chaos. He gives you a testimony of trust, asking that you work to strengthen the solidarity between the races in preparation for the dark days ahead. You must visit the leaders of all the tribes and obtain their trust. Meet with Hierarch Asterios in Elven Village first.\
NPC: Hierarch Asterios
2Captains of the Insane Spirits
Hierarch Asterios asks you to slay Luell of Zephyr Winds and Actea of Verdant Wilds, the leaders of the spirits who are destroying the forest, in order to restore the trust between Humans and Elves. Find them by killing lireins and dryads.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Lireins, Lirein Elders, Luell of Zephyr Winds, Dryads, Dryad Elders, Actea of Verdant Wilds\
NPC: Elven Forest
item 1
item 1
3Return to Asterios
You've defeated the leaders of the insane spirits, Luell of Zephyr Winds and Actea of Verdant Wilds. Return to Hierarch Asterios in Elven Village.\
NPC: Hierarch Asterios
4The Dark Elven Tetrarch
You've received a letter of trust from Hierarch Asterios, the leader of the Elves. Speak with Tetrarch Thifiell in Dark Elf Village.\
NPC: Tetrarch Thifiell
5Free the Tetrarch
Tetrarch Thifiell will not give his trust easily and asks you to help him free the Dark Elf leader as a sign of good faith. Speak with Magister Clayton in the Town of Dion.\
NPC: Magister Clayton
6Three Ingredients
Magister Clayton asks you to gather three ingredients from various monsters.\ \ Monsters to be hunted -\ Death Pass: Guardian Basilisks\ Wastelands: Ant Soldiers\ Cruma Marshlands: Marsh Stakatos\
item 1
item 1
item 1
7Return to Clayton
You've collected all the ingredients that Clayton requested. Return to the Town of Dion.\
NPC: Magister Clayton
8To the Dark Elf Village
Clayton asks that you take the three ingredients to Tetrarch Thifiell in the Dark Elf Village.\
NPC: Tetrarch Thifiell
9High Priest of Oren Castle Village
You've received a letter of trust from Tetrarch Thifiell, the Dark Elven leader. Return to High Priest Hollint in the Town of Oren.\
NPC: High Priest Hollint
10To the Temple of Einhasad
You've delivered the letters from the leaders of the Elves and the Dark Elves to High Priest Hollint. Now speak with Cardinal Seresin at the entrance of the Temple of Einhasad in the Town of Oren.\
NPC: Cardinal Seresin
11A Lack of Experience
Cardinal Seresin advises you to get more experience. You're not skilled enough to complete the Testimony of Trust. Meet with Cardinal Seresin again when you reach level 38.\
12Finding the Lord of the Orcs
You must obtain a promise of trust from the Orcish and Dwarven leaders. Deliver Cardinal Seresin's letter to the Lord of the Orcs.\
NPC: Pa'agrio Lord Kakai
13Help Manakia
Pa'agrio Lord Kakai, the leader of Orcs, has asked you to help Seer Manakia in Giran Castle Town.\
NPC: Seer Manakia
14Lota Tribe's Totem
Seer Manakia has asked that you destroy the Windsus and collect 10 parasites of Lota. Mad boars are rampaging at the Death Pass at the behest of the totem spirit of the Lota tribe.\ \ Monster to Hunt - Windsus\
NPC: Death Pass
item 10
15Return to Manakia
You've collected all the parasites of Lota that you need. Return to Seer Manakia.\
NPC: Seer Manakia
16Return to Kakai
Take Manakia's letter to Pa'agrio Lord Kakai.\
NPC: Pa'agrio Lord Kakai
17The Elder of Dwarven Village
You've obtained the mark of trust from the Orcs! Speak with Lockirin of the Iron Gate Guild in Dwarven Village.\
NPC: Lockirin of the Iron Gate
18The Maestro of Cruma Tower
Lockirin asks that you to help Maestro Nikola at Cruma Tower if you wish to obtain the promise of trust.\
NPC: Maestro Nikola
19The Heartstones of Porta
Maestro Nikola asks that you bring him a Heartstone of Porta. Porta lives inside Cruma Tower.\ \ Monster to Hunt - Porta\
NPC: Entrance to the Cruma Tower
item 1
20Return to Nikola
You've collected 1 Porta Heartstone. Take this back to Maestro Nikola as soon as possible. \
NPC: Maestro Nikola
21Toward the Dwarven Village
You've delivered the heartstones of Porta to Maestro Nikola. Now return to Lockirin in Dwarven Village.\
NPC: Lockirin of the Iron Gate
22Return to Oren
You've earned the trust of the Dwarves! Return to High Priest Hollint in the Town of Oren.\
NPC: High Priest Hollint
23The High Priest of Talking Island
You've earned the trust of all the leaders of the tribes. Find High Priest Biotin on Talking Island and obtain the mark of trust.\
NPC: High Priest Biotin


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