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Trial of the Challenger (35+)

Description: Many Warriors seek the challenger's mark as proof of their valor. A conspiracy of darkness surrounds the mark.
Start NPC: Kash
Restrictions: Warrior, Elven Knight, Palus Knight, Orc Monk, Orc Raider

item Adena  - 194556
item Dimensional Diamond  - Undecided
item Exp  - 1067606
item SP  - 69242

1Cave of the Shyslassys
Kash says that anyone who wants to get the mark of challenger should enter the cave behind the Undine Waterfall in the northern part of the Neutral Zone, destroy Shyslassys and retrieve an old parchment.\ \ \ Monster to Hunt - The Shyslassys
NPC: Undine Waterfall
item 1
2Return to Kash
You've defeated Shyslassys and retrieved the parchment. Take it to Kash.\
NPC: Kash
3In search of Martien
Kash tells you to get the mark of challenger from Martien in Giran Castle Town.\
NPC: Martien
4Defeat Gorr
Martien says that he will give you the mark of challenger if you defeat an evil spirit known as Gorr that haunts the area around Floran Village.\ \ \
NPC: Gorr
item 1
5Return to Martien
You defeated Gorr and taken the mark of the watcher's eye. Now return to Martien for the mark of challenger.\
NPC: Martien
6Defeat Baraham
Gorr's defeat has not made the people of Floran Village any safer. They're now threatened by another evil creature. Find and destroy Baraham in the caves near Gorr's lair.\ \ Monster to Hunt - Baraham\
NPC: Baraham
item 1
You've defeated Baraham. Who is this mysterious stranger? \
8The Final Magic Force Field
Champion Raldo warns of an evil that will be resurrected unless a magic force field remains protected. Speak with Filaur of the Gray Pillar in the Dwarven Village and ask him where the last magic force field was known to exist.\
NPC: Filaur of the Gray Pillar
9Protect the Magic Force Field
Gray Pillar Member Filaur of the Dwarven Village has informed you that he has investigated the Abandoned Coal Mines that has recently been emitting an evil energy, and he has discovered the Queen of the Succubus. Is this Succubus Queen the mastermind behind all the conspirators? Go to the Abandoned Coal Mines, the source of the evil energy that can break the fantasy!\ \ Monster to hunt - Succubus Queen\
NPC: Abandoned Coal Mines
10Raldo's Reappearance
At the death of the Succubus Queen, Raldo reappears. Speak with him.\


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