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How Lavasauruses Are Made (76+)

Description: A method to assemble a totem containing a dragon's power has been discovered. They say that it requires Lavasaurus fragments...
Start NPC: [Blacksmith of Wind] Rooney
Restrictions: No record of having completed this quest today

item Question Mark  - Undecided

1Lavasaurus Research
In the Forge of the Gods, hunt Newborn, Fledgling, Adult, and Elderly Lavasauruses and obtain from them Lavasaurus Stone, Head, Body fragment, and Horn fragments.\
NPC: Forge of the Gods
item 10
item 10
item 10
item 10
2Lavasaurus Fragments
Take the Lavasaurus fragments back to Blacksmith of Wind Rooney.\
NPC: Blacksmith of Wind Rooney


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