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Path to Becoming a Lord - Oren (0+)

Description: You must get support from those who are very influential in the Oren territory in order to be a Lord. How do you gain the support from them?
Start NPC: [Chamberlain] Brasseur
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Question Mark  - Undecided

1What one does to become a Lord
Brasseur says you must be recognized by local forces in a territory in order to become a Lord. You should meet those who are in power in order to get recognized. Brasseur will provide you detailed information a little later. Let's wait. \
NPC: Brasseur
2Let's meet Croop.
The one person who has the greatest power in Oren territory is Croop, the Warehouse Chief, who's in charge of logistics. Let's go and see him. \
NPC: Croop
3Request from Croop
Croop says he has not heard from Nebulite Orb who was sent to Ivory Tower. Croop asks us to check if Nebulite Orb has arrived safely by sending one of clan members to Freighter Marty, the Warehouse Keeper, who's at the 1st floor of Ivory Tower. \
4Orb's whereabouts?
Marty said he never received it. We don't know the details, but I'm sure we can find out the problem which happened recently if we send one of our clan members to see Grand Magister Valleria. \
5Appearance of Oel Mahum
I heard it was recently invaded by Oel Mahums who came down from the bandit mountain stronghold. I think the orbs must have been stolen by those Oel Mahums. Let's inform Croop about this and try to figure out a solution. \
NPC: Croop
6Sweeping the Oel Mahums
Croop asked us to retrieve the Nebulite Orbs which were stolen by Oel Mahums. Let's kill the Oel Mahums and retrieve the Nebulite Orbs from them. \ \ Monsters to be hunted - Oel Mahum, Oel Mahum Warrior, Oel Mahum Shaman, and Oel Mahum Transcender\
item 300
7Retrieved Freights
All the Nebulite Orbs that Croop lost have been retrieved. Let's bring them to Croop. \
NPC: Croop
8Gained trust
I gained Croop's trust. Let's go to see Brasseur and inaugurate as a Lord. \
NPC: Brasseur


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