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Path to Becoming a Lord - Innadril (0+)

Description: You must earn support from people of Innadril to become their Lord. But how?
Start NPC: [Chamberlain] Neurath
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Question Mark  - Undecided

1What one does to become a Lord
Neurath says you must be recognized by local forces in a territory in order to become a Lord. Neurath will tell you detail information a little later. Let's wait. \
NPC: Neurath
2Choose your clan's representative
Neurath asks to bring a representative to go to see Iason Heine in Innadril territory to resolve a problem regarding Iason Heine's family. Let's appoint a representative and go see Neurath. \
NPC: Neurath
3Waiting a moment
A representative has been appointed. Let's wait to hear the news from him. \
NPC: Neurath
4Request from Heine
Iason Heine has imposed conditions. Let's hear the details from Neurath. \
NPC: Neurath
5Alligator Control
Iason Heine has asked for 10 people who can look for lost freights. Send a representative and people who can help the representative, and let's go to defeat alligators in the Isle of Alligators. They say that the risk at the Isle of Alligator will be reduced if about 100 alligators are hunted. \ \ Monsters to be hunted - Crokian Lad, Dailaon Lad, Crokian Lad Warrior, Parhit Lad, Nos Lad, Crokian Warrior, Parhit, Swamp Chief, Swamp Alligator, Swamp Warrior\
NPC: Alligator Island
6Alligator Island Conquered
Alligators have been defeated. Let's go see Neurath.\
NPC: Neurath
7Find a merchant's barrel
The job to find a merchant's barrel requested by Heine has yet to be finished. Let's wait for a moment until a merchant's barrel has been found. \
NPC: Neurath


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