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Path to Becoming a Lord - Dion (0+)

Description: You must earn support from people of Dion to become their Lord. But how?
Start NPC: [Chamberlain] Crosby
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Question Mark  - Undecided

1What one does to become a Lord
Chamberlain Crosby says you must be recognized by the local forces in the territory in order to become a Lord. You should meet those who are in power in order to be recognized. Chamberlain Crosby will give you more detailed information a little later. Let's wait. \
NPC: Crosby
2Find a representative.
Crosby says that Luke has a problem. Luke trying hard to help the territory prosper through trading special products. Let's appoint a representative and send him to Luke. Please send your representative to Crosby. \
NPC: Crosby
A representative who can work on your behalf has been appointed. Let's wait for them to take care of the matter. \
NPC: Crosby
4Grasp the cause of the problem
Spellbook Seller Luke asks us to bring 100 Mandragora roots. And he asks us to resolve the problem of the resistance forces hideout for the sake of the merchants. Let's go discuss the matter. \
NPC: Crosby
5Resistance's development
Crosby says it is necessary to check out the resistance force's hideout as Luke requested. He says a Lord had better to do this by himself. Let's go to see Mercenary Captain Sophya and get some information about the resistance.\
NPC: Sophia
6Bloody Axe Aide
Sophya says a new aide has been appointed to the Bloody Axe troops, which are the part of resistance forces. If we kill Oel Mahums at the resistance's hideout, the aide will show up because he thinks dearly of his men.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Oel Mahum Reinforcement, Oel Mahum Shooter, Oel Mahum Guerill Oel Mahum Charger Squad, Oel Mahum Sniper, Oel Mahum Commander, Oel Mahum Captain, Oel Mahum Lord, Bloody Axe Aide\
7Resistance destroyed!
The Bloody Axe Aide has been removed. The resistance armies are without their leader and have lost their power again. Let's inform Sophya.\
NPC: Sophia
item 1
8To Dion Castle
The big problem has been resolved. Let's go back to the castle while sending a representative to deliver the Mandragora roots as requested by Luke. \
NPC: Crosby
9To Dion Castle
All problems have been resolved. Let's tell Crosby to take care of the rest.\
NPC: Crosby


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