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Proof of Existence (78+)

Description: War Mage Artius of the Keucereus Alliance Base worries that the morale of the entire army has been lowered because soldiers who went near the Seed of Infinity on a shift claim that they saw a monster. Thus, he's searching for an adventurer who can take care of this matter...
Start NPC: [War Mage] Artius
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - Undecided

1Elimination of Monsters
War Mage Artius of the Keucereus Alliance Base explains that the cause of the soldiers' weakened morale is a monster called Banshee Queen Enira. Let's hunt the monsters and prove that it is not something that soldiers should be scared of. Let's bring the Banshee Queen's Eye and Deadman's remains as an evidence of a successful hunting.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Banshee Queen Enir Floating Skull, and Floating Zombie\
NPC: Eastern Sky of the Seed of Infinity
item Unlimited
item Unlimited


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