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Break Through the Hall of Suffering (75-82)

Description: Officer Tepios at the Seed of Infinity is searching for an adventurer who can defeat the undead twin death knights who stand guard at the Hall of Suffering.
Start NPC: [Officer] Tepios
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Scroll of Escape  - 1
item Mark of Keucereus - Stage 1  - 1
item Question Mark  - Undecided

1Defeat twin death knights
Officer Tepios at the Seed of Infinity has a mission to break through the Hall of Suffering. You will need to go through 5 rooms followed by defeating Yehan Klodekus and Yehan Klanik the twin death knights, that guard the final room. \ \ Monsters to be hunted - Yehan Klodekus and Yehan Klanikus\
NPC: Hall of Suffering


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