High Five

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Seductive Whispers (50+)

Description: Blacksmith Wilbert of the Town of Aden is looking for people to play a game very popular among the blacksmiths.
Start NPC: [Blacksmith] Wilbert
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Gamble Reward  - Undecided

1Collect Spirit Beads
Wilbert is willing to play the trendy new game with yo but he tells you that you need Spirit Beads in order to play. Spirit Beads can be obtained at the Cemetery, the Ancient Battleground and the Fields of Massacre. \ \ Monsters to Hunt: Spiteful Ghost of Ruins, Soldier of Grief, Cruel Punisher, Roving Soul, Tortured Undead, Wasted Soul, Past Knight, Ghost War, Hungered Corpse, Dark Guard, Death Agent, Nihil Invader, Bloody Lord, Bloody Priest, Bloody Knight, Bloody Ghost, Doom Scout, Doom Servant, Doom Guard, Doom Archer, Doom Trooper, Doom Warrior, Doom Knight, Wretched Archer, Spiteful Soul Leader, Spiteful Soul Wizard, Spiteful Soul Fighter. \
item Unlimited


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