High Five

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Aiding the Floran Village (30+)

Description: The Floran Village is a farmers' commune. The village has been growing, but needs some extra help these days.
Start NPC: Maria
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Flexible Reward  - Undecided

1The Woes of Floran Village
Floran Village needs help in their fight against their oppressive lord. Meet with Captain Alex in Floran Village.\
NPC: Alex
2Eliminate the Monsters in Floran Clearing
The Floran Village farmers cannot depend on the Territorial Army to protect them anymore. Defeat the monsters in the Floran Clearing and take evidence of your success to Captain Alex.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Watchman of the Plains, Cursed Seer, Roughly Hewn Rock Golem, Delu Lizardmen Supplier, Delu Lizardmen Special Agent, Delu Lizardmen Commander, Shaman of the Delu Lizardmen\
NPC: Floran Agricultural Area
item Unlimited
item Unlimited
item Unlimited


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