High Five

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Journey to a Settlement (74-80)

Description: The Nameless Spirit at the entrance to the Four Sepulchers needs mortal help to pass through the magic force field created by his double.
Start NPC: Nameless Spirit
Restrictions: Completion of the Last Imperial Prince quest

item Frintezza's Magic Force Field Removal Scroll  - 1

1The Spirit's Story
The Nameless Spirit informs you that only through the use of a magic scroll can the force field be dispersed. He then informs you that is was created by his "double." Keep listening to the story.\
NPC: Nameless Spirit
2Skin of the Antelope
The Nameless Spirit says he needs a special parchment to create the scroll that will release the magic force field. Go to the Wall of Argos and defeat the Canyon Antelope to bring back its skin.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Canyon Antelope, Canyon Antelope Slave\
NPC: Wall of Argos
item 1
3Return to the Nameless Spirit
You now have the Skin of the Antelope the Nameless Spirit asked for. Return to the Spirit.\
NPC: Nameless Spirit
item 1


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