High Five

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A Looter and a Railroad Man (30+)

Description: Railroad Worker Obi in the Plunderous Plains is plagued by incessant bandit attacks. Help him!
Start NPC: [Railroad Worker] Obi
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - 21698

1Sweeping Bandit
Railroad Worker Obi asked you to defeat the Rayito bandits and bring back 200 stolen items.\ Monsters to be hunted - Bandit Sweeper, Bandit Hound, Bandit Watchman, Bandit Undertaker, Bandit Assassin, Bandit Warrior, Bandit Inspector, Bandit Captain\
NPC: Plunderous Plains
item 200
2Return to Obi
You've collected 200 items stolen by the Rayito bandits. Return to Railroad Worker Obi.\
NPC: Railroad Worker Obi


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