High Five

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Signs of Revolt (40-51)

Description: Torrant says that the Ragna Orcs are preparing to revolt and asks you to undermine their fighting power before the troops arrive.
Start NPC: [Beacon Tower Manager] Torrant
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Question Mark  - Undecided

1Collect Cursed Dolls
The Beacon Tower Manager Torrant asks you to snatch 180 Cursed Dolls--the medium that controls the evil creatures--to weaken the fighting power of the Ragna Orcs, who are planning a revolt. \ \ Monsters to be hunted - Ragna Orcs, Ragna Orc Shaman, Ragna Orc Archer, Ragna Orc Warrior, Ragna Orc Mystic, Ragna Orc Healer, Ragna Orc Hero, Ragna Orc Commander, Ragna Orc Sniper, Ragna Orc Sorcerer, Dark Corpse, Guardian of the Ghost Town, Varangka's Succubus\
NPC: Ragna Orc
item 180
2Go to Torrant
You have snatched the Cursed Dolls Torrant asked for. Take them to him. \
NPC: Torrant
item 180


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