High Five

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Attack Sailren! (77+)

Description: At the Elroki chief's camp on the Primeval Isle, Asamah asks you to help save the Elroki tribe from an impending danger. To do so, you must defeat Sailren, a fearsome dinosaur of incredible power.
Start NPC: Shilen's Stone Statue
Restrictions: Completion of The Name of Evil - 2 quest

item Gazkh  - 1

1Collect the Fragments of Gazkh
Shilen's statue says that one can get the Ghazk pieces when capturing the carnivorous Velociraptor and Pterosaur. But you must get 30 pieces of Ghazk pieces! Get all 30 Ghazk pieces and bring them to Shillien's statue. \ \ Monsters to be hunted - Velociraptor, Pterosaur\
NPC: Lost Nest
item 30
2Return to Shilen's Stone Statue
All 30 of the Ghazk pieces collected. Go back to the Shillien's statue and offer the Ghazk pieces.\
NPC: Shilen's Stone Statue


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