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Through the Gate Once More (73-80)

Description: The Priest Flauron seems like he has something to ask the person who bears the Faded Visitor's Mark.
Start NPC: [Priest] Flauron
Restrictions: Faded Visitor's Mark

item Pagan's Mark  - 1

1Hearts of the Necromancers
The Priest Flauron tells you to bring back 10 Necromancer Hearts from the Forest of the Dead. \ \ Monsters to be hunted - Bone Animators, Bone Slayers, Skull Animators\
NPC: Forest of the Dead
item 10
2Return to Flauron
You've collected all the Necromancer Hearts the Priest Flauron asked for. Return to Flauron.\
NPC: Priest Flauron
item 10


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