High Five

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In the Forgotten Village (65-73)

Description: The Forgotten Village inside the Forest of the Dead. The people here are constantly harassed by undead and Dark Mages. Help them!
Start NPC: Mina
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - 25000

1Dark Mage Hunting
Mina asks you to do two things for her. Kill Dark Mages and hunt the undead. Do her this favor.\ \ Monster to Hunt - \ Magus of Dark Arts: Bone Snatcher, Bone Maker, Bone Collector, Bone Animator, Bone Slayer, Bone Sweeper, Bone Grinder, Bone Caster, Bone Puppeteer, Bone Scavenger, Bone Shaper, Skull Collector, Skull Animator,\ Undead Monster: Trampled Men, Sacrificed Men, Behemoth Zombie, Requiem Lord, Requiem Priest, Requiem Behemoth\
NPC: Forest of the Dead
item 200
item Unlimited
2Return to Mina
You've collected 200 ribs. Return to Mina to receive your reward. Continue collecting livers of undead if you like. After settling accounts for rib bones, you can start hunting Magus again.\
NPC: Mina
item 200
item Unlimited


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