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Necromancer's Request (63-77)

Description: The Necromancer in the Forest of the Dead asks you to destroy the vampires that are interfering with his collection of magic materials.
Start NPC: Mysterious Wizard
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - 120000

1Vampire Hunting
The Mysterious Wizard in the Forest of the Dead town asks two things. Kill vampires and hunt the undead that show up at night. Do this for him.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - \ Vampire - Devil Bats, Atrox and all other vampires in the Forest of the Dead. General Undead: Corrupted Knights, Resurrected Knights, Corrupted Royal Guards, Resurrected Royal Guards, Slaughter Executioners, Guillotine's Ghosts, Resurrected Guards, Ghosts of Guillotine, Ghosts of Rebel Soldiers, Ghosts of Rebel Leaders\
NPC: Forest of the Dead
item 200
item Unlimited
2Return to the Mysterious Wizard
You've collected 200 vampire hearts. Return to the Mysterious Wizard to receive your reward. Continue collecting undead brains if you like it! Collect more vampire hearts for more rewards.\
NPC: Mysterious Wizard
item 200
item Unlimited


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