High Five

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Heart in Search of Power (60-71)

Description: The Mysterious Necromancer stands morosely near the entrance of the Valley of Saints. He says that he's gathering materials for his research into increased power.
Start NPC: Mysterious Necromancer
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Question Mark  - Undecided

1Collect the Beads of Obedience
The Mysterious Necromancer asks you to collect 300 Beads of Obedience.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Eye of Splendor, Flash of Splendor, Blade of Splendor, Wisdom of Splendor, Soul of Splendor, Victory of Splendor, Punishment of Splendor, Shout of Splendor, Signet of Splendor, Crown of Splendor and Wailing of Splendor\
NPC: Valley of Saints
item 300
2Find the Mysterious Necromancer
You've collected all 300 Beads of Obedience that the Mysterious Necromancer asked for. Deliver the beads to him.\
NPC: Mysterious Necromancer
3Find Enfeux
Enfeux is the place where saints' bones are kept. Take the Seal of Light that the Mysterious Necromancer gave you and visit Enfeux.\
NPC: Enfeux
item 1
4Find the Mysterious Necromancer
You've got the saints' bones by using the Seal of Light. Deliver the saints' bones to the Mysterious Necromancer.\
NPC: Mysterious Necromancer
item 1


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