High Five

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Battle against Ketra Orcs (74-80)

Description: Ashas Varka Durai, the hierarch of Varka Silenos, is looking for a fighter who will defeat Ketra Orcs, the sworn enemy of Varka Silenos.
Start NPC: [Hierarch] Ashas Varka Durai
Restrictions: Mark of Varka's Alliance - Level 1 or higher.

item Nepenthes Seed  - 20

1Defeat the Enemy!
Elder Ashas Varka Durai issued the order to attack! Go to the Ketra Orc Outpost and slay the enemy, Ketra Orcs. And as proof, collect and bring back 100 molars of Ketra Orcs.\ However, if you ever harm a Varka Silenos while carrying out this mission, the mission will be cancelled automatically.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Ketra Orc Footman, Ketra Orc Raider, Ketra Orc Scout, Ketra Orc Shaman, Ketra Orc Warrior, Ketra Orc Lieutenant, Ketra Orc Medium, Ketra Orc Commander, Ketra Orc General, Ketra Orc Battalion Commander, Ketra Orc Grand Seer, Ketra's Head Shaman, and Ketra Prophet. \
NPC: Ketra Orc Outpost
item 100


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