High Five

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Battle against Varka Silenos (74-80)

Description: Kadun Zu Ketr the chief of Ketra Orcs is looking for a brave fighter who will defeat Varka Silenos, their sworn enemy.
Start NPC: [Hierarch] Kadun Zu Ketra
Restrictions: Mark of Ketra's Alliance - Level 1 or higher

item Horn of Buffalo  - 20

1Defeat the enemy!
Hierarch Kadun Zu Ketra has issued the order to attack! Go to their stronghold and slay the Varka Silenos! As proof, collect and bring back 100 manes of Varka Silenos. \ If you harm a Ketra Orc while carrying out this mission, your mark of ally will be downgraded one level and the alliance will be broken.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Varka Silenos Recruits, Varka Silenos Scouts, Varka Silenos Hunters, Varka Silenos Shamans, Varka Silenos Priests, Varka Silenos Warriors, Varka Silenos Mediums, Varka Silenos Officers, Varka Silenos Seers, Varka Silenos Great Magus, Varka Silenos Generals, Varka Silenos Great Seers, Varka Silenos Commanders and Varka's Head Magus.\
NPC: Varka Silenos Stronghold
item 100


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