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Awl Under Foot (60+)

Description: The Dungeon Monster Elimination Department has had a real headache trying to eliminate the monsters lurking in the Fortress Dungeon, which was established by some forgotten ruler long, long ago. It has become an extremely dangerous place, filled with hidden passages and vicious creatures. Provide as
Start NPC: Not defined
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Knight's Epaulette  - Undecided

1Fortress Dungeon
Three groups of imprisoned monsters have been spotted recently in the long-neglected dungeon beneath the Fortress. If you eliminate them and bring back the Dungeon Leader Mark as proof, the Camp Warden will provide you with the Knight's Epaulette, which will allow you to trade with Fortress Certificate.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Brand the Exile, Commander Koenig, and Gerg the Hunter.\
NPC: Fortress Dungeon
item Unlimited


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