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Rumble in the Base (82+)

Description: Guard Stan of Oren Village heard Pinaps saying he's worried about the threat of Sel Mahum and decided he'd help.
Start NPC: [Guard] Stan
Restrictions: Completion of It Smells Delicious! quest

item Exp  - 224784
item SP  - 342528

1Basic Comforts
Stan theorizes that the way to defeat the Sel Mahum is take away their basic comforts. Extort salmons from Sel Mahum Chef and steal the shoelaces from Sel Mahum Soldiers so that their training goes awry.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Sel Mahum Chef, Sel Mahum Recruit, Sel Mahum Soldier \
NPC: Sel Mahum Training Grounds
item 5
item 10
2Mission Complete
Looks like the Sel Mahum will pose a threat to no one but themselves. Go back to the Guard Stan of Oren Village.\
NPC: Guard Stan


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