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Wings of Sand (80+)

Description: Killed by Antharas and soul ripped from body, this spirit now lingers near Dragon Valley and the entrance to Antharas's cave. They cannot remember who they were or what their previous life was. Only the pursuit of enacting revenge on Antharas is what keeps this Separated Soul in existence. Antharas
Start NPC: Separated Soul
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Question Mark  - Undecided

1Revenge from Beyond
The Separated Soul seeks revenge and asks that you defeat two of Antharas's subordinates, a group called the Wings of Sand.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Emerald Horn, Dust Rider, Bleeding Fly, Black Dagger Wing, Shadow Summoner, Spike Slasher, Muscle Bomber\
item 1
2Return or Kill One More?
You defeated one creature from the Wings of Sands. You can return to the Separated Soul to collect a reward, or get one more!\
item 1
3Speak to the Separated Soul
You defeated two of the Antharas's subordinates. Speak with the Separated Soul to get your reward.\


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