High Five

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Not Strong Enough Alone (84+)

Description: A Gracian Soldier Klemis, who's been staying at the dock of Seed of Annihilation, is looking for a method to mitigate the power of the Seed.  As such, he seeks an Adventurer who will get rid of the monsters that infest it…
Start NPC: [Officer] Klemis
Restrictions: Completion of Seed of Annihilation Quest, No record of having completed this quest today

item Random Reward  - Undecided

1Support the Gracian Troops
Officer Klemis asks you about which of the three areas of the Seed of Annihilation you want to attack. Tell him after you decide.\
NPC: Officer Klemis
2Subjugation of the Bistakon
You've chosen to fight the Bistakon.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Bgurent, Brakian, Groikan, Treykan, Elite Bgurent, Elite Brakian, Elite Groikan, Elite Treykan\
NPC: Seed of Annihilation, Vistacon area
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